Thursday, March 10, 2011

Grace & Glory

Chapter 4 of Radical by David Pratt.

I would title this chapter Grace and Glory. I like the names grace and glory. I think I should get a grace and glory tattoo. Or maybe I should get two more dogs and name them grace and glory. I have to say it was not my favorite chapter.

Pratt made some good points. Like in America when you ask what does it mean to be a Christian you say Jesus died for MY sins. (Grace.)  Pratt says that we have lost the Glory in the Me Society we live in. Everything is to Glorify God, not me. Fuchsia my Sweet Friend and I were talking about that this weekend. It seems many church's have become the church of me. Pratt confirmed our feelings. Of coarse not the churches we attend.

Summery of the chapter
  • Being a Christian is not about me, it is how we can glorify God.
  • We need to be missionaries.

Pratt talks about a pastor who told Pratt: he wished a certain group people over seas would die and go to hell. Most people in my bible study seemed to be shocked that a pastor would say this. I said I was not shocked. So I opened my bible and read from the old testament when David says he wishes his enemy would die and go the grave. Nothing new under the sun.  My gig a low giggled. He told me I was being very naughty.

It seems to me over and over in the book Pratt is saying we are spoiled rotten American Christians, and we only want to hear the- its all about  me , soft side of the story. 

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