Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mr. & Mrs. Harie

Did I tell you I have a new 2ed job? I am working for an elderly couple that reside in an exclusive gated senior community in Brookside called Evermore. Their name is Mr. & Mrs. Harie.

Evermore has detached houses, condos, apartments and assisted living homes. Mr. & Mrs. Harie live in a condo that is on the second floor. Each "unit" has two downstairs condos and two upstairs condos. Each unit is connect to another. There are 10 units in a roll. Mr. & Mrs. Harie live on Easy Street.

 Mr. & Mrs. Harie are very sweet. Mrs. Harie has had cancer and suffers with Fibromyalgia. Mrs. Harie "flops" on the bed to read or rest. She makes lists and puts them in a pile of papers. She does "what she wants to, not what she has to." Mrs. Harie says you have to vacuum each spot 3 times, because it makes the carpet look better. She is paying me, so I vacuum each spot 3 times. It takes me a good 45 minutes to vacuum their condo.

Mr. Harie has Rheumatoid arthritis and Parkinson disease. Mr. Harie's hands and feet are severely crippled. He has an implant to help in his brain to help him talk. The implant has a remote with A, B or C switch to help with his speech. Most of the time he is on "B." He is hard to understand and I have to keep saying what, huh, pardon, can you say that again please, I did not get that. Mr. Harie falls down all the time and is very unsafe. He works non- stop, shuffling things from here to there.

I am finding out they are very mischievous. To be continued ......

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