Thursday, March 24, 2011


I am so excited. My old friend Orchid just called! She is coming to visit next weekend!
I met Orchid my first year of high school. We have been friends all these years.

Orchid's life has been one big adventure. Some of it good, some of it not so good. When we were young  she landed a job with Bill Graham, the greatest rock and roll production team of all time. She got a job in catering!

Orchid used to be on the catering team for the Grateful Dead, Talking Heads (who ever was coming to town.) Every New Years eve she would call and ask if I wanted to go back stage with the Grateful Dead. No thanks. Why oh WHY didn't I ever take her up on that!!!!

Orchid is really the one that got me interested in fine food. One day I went over to her house. She said there was quiche in the oven, help yourself.(Knowing our lifestyle at that time) I was perplexed because the only drug I knew that you put in the oven was pot to dry it out. I said no thanks. Orchid said have you ever had quiche? Ummmmm no. Orchid insisted I try it. I told her I did not want to get high that day. Orchid looked as baffled as I was. What are you talking about? she said. The quiche I said. Orchid doubled over laughing. It is not a drug, it is an egg pie she said.

Quiche and I have had a wonderful relationship from that day forward. Orchid was also making and eating sushi way before most Americans had ever heard of it.

When we grew up she got married and moved up north on the coast. She built a successful catering business and cooking school for herself.

Last night she called to say she had been down in LA. She had been on the catering team for the Hollywood big shots. Orchid just got done with the Oscars and Project Runway. She had one more job to do in Beverly Hills, then she is headed home. She is going to stop by here for a few days. YEPPY.

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KARNA said...

a cooking school? do we want to go? Where on the coast is she up north? glad you get to have a visit with your old best foodie!!!! I've been eating sushi since I was 40ish which was quite some time ago...:)