Sunday, March 27, 2011


So I just got off the phone with Orchid. We were making plans for this coming weekend, and she says you will have to excuse me but I am eating this really delicious dinner. Oh I said I am so sorry, so of coarse I have to know what she is eating.

Orchid says I am having wild boar and SHARK FIN...that was all I heard... WHAT, your eating SHARK FIN??? I told Orchid she was un-invited to my house. There are billions of wild boars, but the shark population is dwindling. Sharks are not food, their our friends! WHAT she said. I told Orchid- you don't know this but I have a special place in my heart for sharks. Orchid said, oh I was not really eating shark fin.... OH YES YOU WERE I said. Long pause. SO I told Orchid because we have been friends since we where 14 years old I will over look this indiscretion. ;)

Two things I have never ate, this is were I draw the line:
1. Shark
2. Veal
I have ate but will never eat again
Green Beans

Yes I eat cows and pigs, chickens, and some fish.. I have seen the horrors of big corporate run killing factories. It breaks my heart.  I prefer to buy the meat that is killed in the fastest most humane way, when I can afford it.  I am thankful that these animals gave there life to make me full. Right now I have farm fresh eggs from my big brother's house, they are yummy!

I will not be serving shark fin soup on Saturday.

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KARNA said...

Did you see Temple Gardine? HBO movie...most is about a girl who is autistic,and went on to do extraordinary things. Grandin's interest in animal welfare began with designs for sweeping curved corrals, intended to reduce stress in animals being led to slaughter. If you haven't seen this movie, you MUST!! She also invented a hug machine for hypersensitive people. She is now a professor in Colorado and the film won a big award at one of those big award ceremonies!xox