Tuesday, March 8, 2011

More Birthday Fun

Last week I went out to Birthday dinner with the RCDC (Rebellious Christian Dinner Club.) Maybe I should change my blog's name to The Reckless Diner??? It was Karna's and Dixie's Birthday. Paige was there too.  I love getting together with RCDC! Birthday Girls picked Shaadzee Bakery. http://shaadzeebakerybistro.com
This is the pastry counter.

I order the lamb shank. "braised lame shank with brismati rice" The lamb shank was tender.  The rice had no sensations at all and kind of chewy. It must of been old.  The sauce was red water with some melted fat in it. The sauce had no flavor. The coffee was old and I sent it back. I asked for a pomegranate ice tea. I paid $4.50 for red colored nothing. I should of kept the coffee, at least the coffee had that old and bitter after taste. (Being very generous) On a scale of 1-10 I give my dinner a 5.  
We liked our waiter. He was the best part of the dinner.  Karna also had the lamb shank. She liked it.


Dixie had the french dip. She said it was really good.
Paige had the Cornish game hen. It had my same sauce with a little corn starch in it. She said it was ok. Paige had a pomegranate ice tea. She agreed with me I should of kept the coffee.

Paige and I shared a apple and raisin tart. Dixie and Karna shared a dessert too. I don't remember what they had. (See the place is forgettable). The waiter brought page and my tart with a birthday candle in it. We protested and said that is not what the Birthday Girls ordered. Oh well. He sang happy birthday to them. They blew out the candle. Me and Paige ate "our birthday" dessert. It was ok.

I had fun with the RCDC! They make me laugh and cry! They help keep me on track. 

To Karna and Dixie,
I thank God the he brought you into my life. You both have encouraged me in my walk with God. You both are the funniest people I know. It was once said that "friendship doubles joy, and cuts grief in half." That is how about feel about the two of you Karna and Dixie. I hope you had a great birthday!

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KARNA said...

KCPEPP: You make me happy that I know you and that we are in the RCDC together. You are one of my fondest memories of working at Hope Center and to still know you and see you grow and grow with you and be friends with you and laugh with you and cry with you is such a blessing to me. I totally love you!!! PS I LOVE THAT RESTAURANT and am going there for my book club lunch meeting on the 21st AND any other time I can talk anyone into going there with me. Dixie had a bread pudding and I forgot what I had LOLOL but it was good...the pomegranate drink was weak weak and awful! THANK you for dinner at one of my FAVORITE PLACES with yes, the hottest waiter I've had in a long time (had waiting on me, that is) LOLOL xoxoxoxxoxoxo