Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mommy Mini Van

This is what happened today. I was driving along, minding my own business. As I was approaching a stop light, I noticed not 1 but 2 big street signs that said no right turn on red. Ok, I guess I will follow the rules since the City took all the time to put 2 signs up. So I stop. I have my right hand signal on, but I wait because the signs told me to. The lady in the mini-van behind me starts having a cow. She lays on her horn. I sit there, the light is taking forever to change. The lady behind me starts blaring her horn again. I tell myself remain calm, but I can feel my blood pressure rising. Finally the light turns green and I turn right.

I slow down so mini van lady could catch up with me. She lags behind. The slower she drives, the slower I drive. She gets in the left hand turn lane. So I get in the left hand turn lane and pull up behind her, but not to close. On the back of her mini van she has all these stickers "I am proud to have a daughter honor roll student" "My son is on the honor roll." So I started to think, well maybe her kids are on the honor roll, but mommy mini van does not know how to read street signs.

Mommy mini van turns into a gas station, I follow at a non- threatening length. I park and go over to her mini van. She does not get out. I knock on the window, she rolls down the window. I said in a calm collected manor, there were 2 big street signs that said no right turn on red did you miss them?

Mommy Mini van says" oh I don't know what happened, I was day dreaming and my hands just kinda slipped over the horn by accident." I said twice? Mommy Mini van said oh my horn is very sensitive." Ok I said, have a good day. I walked away. I am tired of rude people. Or maybe I am just tired.

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