Monday, April 4, 2011

Orchid's Visit

Orchid and I had a wonderful whirlwind visit.  It was like a vacation from my everyday hum drum life. The very first thing we did was go to my favorite dive Mexican restaurant in Gun Point. Orchid said it was very tasty. We seemed to pick right up were we left off, not as if 10 years had passed.

Next thing we decided to do was get a pedicure! I had not had one since September. I am going to start swimming soon, so I had been thinking I needed to get my toe nails done. It was so fun just to hang out and catch up while we were getting our toes painted. My toe nails are painted electric blue with little white flowers. Orchid said blue toe nails? I told her I wear them well. When my toe nails were done she agreed I can pull it off.

I was really scared about cooking dinner being Orchid is a famous chef. So I thought I would make a  "A" list dinner, hot dogs and baked beans. My brother made the hot dogs so they were homemade and very yummy. Orchid got canned baked beans. She was very gracious about it all.

On Sunday we went to church. After church we were talking to a friend of a friend of a friend who's family makes homemade papusas (paa-poo-sa-s) They gave us directions to an undisclosed location.

The El Salvadorian family had set up a little restaurant in their garage. The family was warm and personable. They made us feel welcome. As far as seating they had two plastic picnic tables, with fold up chairs. Each table had salsa and curtido (a pickled cole slaw). The woman made the papusas, and put them on the grilloven. It was so fun to watch the woman make the traditional dish in the traditional manor. Orchid and I had great seats that looked out of the open garage door to the city street, where the sun was shining brightly. We watched the cars pass, the guys across the street play basketball, and the woman turn the papusas on the grilloven. Our papusas were served hot off the grilloven on paper plates with plastic forks and knifes. Our lunch included soda or water. Oh man, it was great! I loved the atmosphere, the good company and the food.

Orchid offered to make dinner for us, so I quickly excepted her offer.  SO it was off to grocery shop. First item on the list was lobster. We went to the Asian market were they pluck it out of the fish take and steamed it right there. Yummy. See photos below. Dinner was spectacular! Wow! My gig a low and GG-GP loved the dinner as well!

First Coarse:

Spring Salad tossed with flowers and caramelized rosemary pecans, with a Dijon vinaigrette accompanied by tomatoes

Homemade chicken pate' with sauteed pears
 French Bread

Main Coarse
This photo does not do the food justice.  We had fresh lobster in hollandaise sauce, roasted asparagus potatoes with garlic. Marinated TriTip with Bearnaise sauce. The eggs were farm fresh from my brother's chickens. That is why the hollandaise sauce is so sunny yellow.

For Dessert
A "rustic" Asian fruit torte. Dragon Fruit, Star fruit and blueberries. I made homemade whipped cream to top it off.

Orchid and I finished off our dinner with a cup of tea, she had Jasmin and I had Chrysanthemum.  

I hope it won't be another 10 years before we see each other again!

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