Sunday, January 9, 2011

Changed the Name

This morning I made mini banana cranberry walnut loafs (it was a compromise.) I broke my apple core/slicer so it took me a long time do get the apples cooking.

So me, my dad and my gig a low went to church.  My dad always sits by Ivy. They talk all during worship and during the first part of the sermon. They both talk loud. I don't know why they don't catch up during the week. Everyone looks at me and my gig a low and gives us a wink. My gig a low had enough kahunas today to put his shhhhh finger up by his lips.  I would never tell my dad shhhhh. It did not work anyways, they kept chit- chatting.

So my Pastor after church says to me "hay someone you know stopped by youth group" oh yeah who? Student #1. WHAT? Pastor continues Student #1 said you told him to go to church. I said I did not tell him to come to our church (I am so bad.) Who knows maybe it was just what student #1 needed. To be in a safe place for a little while.

When we got home from church and opened the door the applesauce aroma surrounded us like a warm welcome home hug! Yummy!

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KARNA said...

Good thing dad isn't sitting anywhere near me...i'd pinch him!! and shhhhh him...and her whoever she winking...slap slap and go take a nap!!!