Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Where is My Teacher?

Monday was our first day back after the "winter break." My teacher ALWAYS gets to work first, unlocks all the doors, puts out the toys in the play yard and then starts in on his paperwork. After the long break I was ready to get back to work. I usually get to work second.

On Tuesday I arrived at my usual early time. I see my teachers car. I go to the classroom. No lights on, doors are all locked, no toys in the play yard. That is really strange. I looked all over campus for my teacher. I ask the custodian to unlock the toy room. The custodian says isn't your teacher here? I said I can't find him, he is not in the office, bathroom, classroom, lunchroom. The custodian kept trying to tell me that my teacher was on campus someplace. JUST UNLOCK THE STUPID TOY ROOM WILL YOU and stop arguing with me, the students will be here any minute! The custodian finally agreed. 

Now I was really worried about my teacher. He was very sick on Monday. I started thinking maybe his wife came and got him or maybe he is in the hospital, MAYBE THEY HAD TO TAKE HIM BY AMBULANCE, that is why his car is here and he is not. I decided to go feel his car hood to see if it was warm.Yes, I am Nancy Drew. 

So I went over to his car to feel the hood, I look in his car and there is my teacher. His head was leaning back, mouth open, eyes closed. Obviously my teacher is DEAD. Its only 38' degrees out, why would he be in his car? I reached out and knocked on his window. My teacher almost jumped through the roof of the car. As his jumped so did I. He scared me! 

It turns out my teacher was still really sick and weak. He had fallen asleep in his car when he arrive at work. It least he was alive. 

Today he thank me for being the search and rescue. I told him it was ok, all in a days work.

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