Thursday, January 20, 2011

American Idol

What did you think of American Idol last night? I want to first say that I love Aerosmith. They were one of my favorite bands growing up. So here is my review on American Idol tv show last night.

I thought it was sicking the way Steven Tyler drooled over the young girls. Simon might of been a little flirtatious at times, but Steven Tyler made no bones about his. (SORRY). And the young girls played right into it. BLAH. It was one thing when Steven Tyler was 18 and the girls were 18. Steven Tyler-go find a 50 year old, you old has been geezer. How would you like it if an old goat was playing for your daughter. Maybe you wouldn't care. I don't know.

J'Lo had all the power. Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler were like butter in the palm of her hands. I liked J'Lo.

I thought Randy Jackson was boring.

That last guy contestant from japan was SO funny!

I certainly can understand why people would want to be on the show, but the debauchery..hehe (that is why I used to love rock in roll)  in the music industry. Would I want my 16 year old in that kind of business? No way. What does that say about the parents that would let their 16 year old's try out? They must want the fame and money as well. Parents can't say no to their kids, but that is a different story. 


KARNA said...

Old men leering at young girls is so disgusting. I did love love love jennifer ... what a heart and she certainly knows show biz and what it takes!! I am so glad Simon isn't there anymore..we dont need that drama between he and Ryan. I love this show!!!!!!!


I’m sure Stevie can choose from many groupies, old and new, and star struck women, old and young. Gold diggers want them older so they kick off sooner.. He does not have to disturb young’uns. I just thought it was part of his act, his persona. Methinks he probably has no other act. I thought he made some pretty good remarks and he did not try to use his stardom to garb the stage.