Thursday, January 13, 2011

Anserwed Prayer

So this morning while driving to work I was praying.. Dear Lord, please give me something to blog about because I have nothing. Thank you Lord amen. I no more then drove in the parking lot of my little school when my cell phone rang. It was Shorty. She said she had something she thought would be good for my blog. I was thinking Wow lord you work quickly sometimes.

Shorty tells me this story. Yesterday Shorty did not noticed school secretary was gone.  Shorty didn't really think anything about it because the school secretary is very busy. Today when Shorty got to school, she went to the office to sign in as usual. The school secretary said DID I tell you what happened? no.. Apparently, a few years ago the school secretary (SS) mother in law moved in with SS.

SS's husband has 5 sibling and none of them would take the mother in.. SS felt really bad because the sibling were being mean. SS told her mother in law you can move in with us. SS said her life has been a night mare ever since.

So on Monday SS and her Mother In Law had a disagreement. Voices where raised. On Tuesday a sheriff walked into the school office and served SS a restraining order, in front of all the staff in the office. . SS had to take the day off work yesterday to go get a lawyer to evict her mother in law. While SS was getting a lawyer SS's sister in law (wife of a sibling) moved in the mother in laws bedroom to "protect" the mother in law from SS.

Shorty describes SS as generous, gentle and kind. Shorty said she will call me and let me know what happens. I in turn will let you know.

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