Sunday, January 9, 2011

I did it

I made the cranberry almond with homemade applesauce muffins. Gett'er done!

I started a reckless quilt. With out a doubt it will be my most reckless quilt of all. No pattern, no measuring. Every quilt I've made started off with a pattern. I can't figure it out visually or even reading the instructions, so I have to come up with my own design. I think I will call my new quilt "cut and sew." The quilt will drive the Quilting Taliban into a state of disorientation. LOOK AT MY QUILT.. THE POINTS DON'T MATCH...SOME SQUARES ARE BIGGER THEN OTHERS...YOU ARE GOING CRAzY... YOU CAN'T MAKE HEADS OR TAILS OF MY QUILT...

It seems really strange to me, the one of my blogs called "my brothers quilt" gets looked at everyday. It must be the Quilting Taliban trying to figure out how in the world I made that quilt.

I love the colors of cut and sew. Browns, greens, blues, reds. It is very earthy. I will show you a photo when it's done.

I should tell you it is an art quilt...that's right, cut and sew is all about the art.

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