Thursday, January 6, 2011

Are You Gay?

I have been questioning some loved ones sexual orientation for a long time. I was talking to my gay date about my suspicions at my work Christmas party. My gay friends say they have a "gaydar" (radar), all I had to do was show them a photo of the person(s) in question. If you remember they said I should not "out" anyone in question. The photos on my phone were to small so their "gaydar" did not work. My gay date said the person(s) in question would slip up or drop hints. The gay loved one has to trust the people they tell according to my gay experts.  I have to wonder why would not the person(s) just say hay, I am gay. Time to move on with our lives.

Is it because of my Christian faith that someone would want to stay in the closet? Do they think the wrath of RQ would come down on them? They should know me better.
Is it because I am not trust worthy?
Is it because grandparents are still alive ?
Is it because it is nobodys business?
Is it because they are just "metro" or butchy and not gay?

I think there was a slip up recently. Sorry I cannot go into the details. Only time will tell, or maybe not.

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