Saturday, January 15, 2011

Play Land, Not At The Beach - Review

The other day I went to play-land, not at the beach! It is about 15 miles from San Francisco. Check out their website

I have to say I had a blast! "Play-Land Not at the Beach" is an interactive museum, inspired by the old Play-land at the beach in San Fransisco. The museum is "9000 square feet." It is not very big, it is mighty entertaining! It is great for families because they let you bring in your own food. 

One of the founders said they have had adults only parties, birthday parties, someone had there wedding vows renewed there.

Word of warning- they have super creepy "Laughing Sal"

Play-Land not at the Beach have real pinball machines! All kinds, old, new and glow in the dark 3 D pinball machines! I loved playing pinball as a kid. I still love it as an adult.  I thoroughly enjoyed the ding ding ding of the bells when the pinball would hit them. I had a great time pinball that had double flappers! I had forgotten about double flappers!

My favorite of all the games was "Fascination." I have heard it referred to as "Ball Bingo" Here is a video filmed at Play Land Not at the Beach that shows Fascination I don't know who these people are. But the game was to hard to explain with words.  I would of played this all day if I could of. In the same room they have a poker roller ball type machine that was enjoyable as well.

Play Land- Not At the Beach is the land of the miniatures worlds.  They have  Circus,  Charles Dickens, Santa, San Francisco ( the ones I remember off the top of my head.) I think my favorite was San Francisco world. It has everything including china town and Lumbard st with cars on it. The detail was amazing.

They have a carnival midway. It is small. Two bowling ball roll games, 1 skee ball, bean bag toss, coin toss(they use tokens) where you can win tickets to cash them in for prizes. My favorite in this area was this old game that had a huge steering wheel and you had to drive a car on a curvy bumpy road. (this was not a video game) When you hit the bumps in the road you would get points. I am guessing that game was from the 50's or early 60's  I won a stuffed Pomeranian! I am sure there was more in that section. But it was busy the day I went there. They also have early video games. The midway is included in the price.

Play-land not at the Beach has a magic show too. It is great for kids. This is not a Las Vegas type magic show. It is for kids, simple and clean. The kids loved it.

I would recommend Play-Land not at the beach for young families, tweens, adults, grandparents with/without grand kids, people who are into miniatures, history buffs.

Playland -not at the Beach only has a handful of games you have to spend your own money on. Most everything is included for the price of admission.
The cost is
General Admission $ 15
Youths (up to 14 years) $ 10
Seniors (55 years and up) $ 10 

Remember adults are allowed to have fun too! Tell them the recklessquilter sent you ;)

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KARNA said...

Wow I had NO idea this was over there or my Red Hat gals would be going there instead of Plymouth (spinetta winery, amador flower farm and Taste Restaurant) in February. Each of us takes a turn to plan an event. ANYWAY, I loved reading about this place because I am so old I used to go to the one and only Playland AT the Beach!! I remember the laughing Sal, and all of it!!!! So fun!!!!! Another fun play is down in Santa Cruz at the Boardwalk in the big room full of pinball machines (which I also love) a lady who tells your fortune and bowling those heavy white balls up into cups or something...AND my favorite..shooting ducks!!! Yes I am good at shooting ducks! Lots of memories were brought back reading your blog today; thank you!!!
You do inspire me. I had read a couple of your blogs at once and felt like hey it's time for ME to do another blog too!!! :) Thanks you!! you are great!!!!