Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mrs. Manners

It is a whole new world when it comes to manners. I am not sure how it is in other parts of the country, but here in California people are flat out rude. Here are 3 examples of what I believe to be ill manners. This has happened in the last few weeks.

1, Me and my gig a low went over to a friends house to eat. It was a very pleasant evening. My gig a low is a very slow eatter. He just doesn't move very fast. I always joke that he has two speeds neutral and stop. My gig a low was eating dinner and everyone else was done. I was sitting next to him has the couple scurried around the kitchen cleaning up. Next thing I know, the table was empty, all the dishes where in the dishwasher, left overs put away in the refrigerator, garbage thrown way, hard surfaces wiped down.  There was my gig a low with his dinner plate still in front of him- he was still eating. The table was empty and sparkling clean. I wanted to say, Oh my, are the dishes more imported then making your guest feel welcome? Of course my gig a low stopped eating. He felt the pressure. Time for the dishwasher to start. Is cleaning your house while your guest are still eatting there more important then building relationships? This one gets R  (the rude seal)

2. Baby Showers. Back in the dark ages when I was a young woman, you had 1 baby shower no matter how many children you gave birth to. It was considered rude to expect people to keep buying baby gifts. When you had a baby shower it was a group of close friends. Not people who barely know you. They did not have baby gift registers. I was recently invited to a few baby showers. I was talking to the grandmother of the woman who is having a baby. The grandmother is giving the shower. It is her daughters first baby (not the first grand-baby.) The Grandmother said are you coming to the shower? I said yes. She said we are expecting 30 people. 30 people? I told the grandmother well if your having 30 people, you will not miss me if I do not come, right? OH she was so insulted I said that. The grandmother said we will miss you. The truth is you will not even know I am there. You get a R

        2a.  Multiple baby showers. Not only do people expect you to go to the 1est, 3ed and 5th baby shower, they have multiple showers. I will go to the first shower, but don't waste you stamp, email, e-vite, event invitation on facebook, or phone call on me after that. I will NOT be attending.  You get a R

3. Bridal Gifts. The other day I received a post card from a young couple getting married. It said save this date. I thought what a great idea! On the postcard it has their wedding website. I thought that was a cute idea too,  until I got to the  "where I am registered" part. The young woman goes on to explain that she does not want to receive "2 toasters" so you can click on the link to see were they are registered. Therefore, you can see what the have and have not got yet. Admittedly, the young woman is modest on her registers. She is not asking for luxurious items. I just think it is very rude to go about asking for gifts in that manor. I think I will go buy her 2 toasters from the thrift store, wrap them up very nicely and give them to her. Of course I will have a real gift waiting. Maybe that is how they do things these days. I still give the link to the register a R.



Bunch of savages, don't turn your back, you might get a spear in it. This behavior has been escalating since June Cleavage went off the air. Our TV's, especialy commercials, send the wrong message and now there exists 100 types of media to spoil are kids minds, and ours.I curse the degenerate directors and producers to hell.

KARNA said...

Pet peeve of mine is the registration for weddings and showers. I totally do understand how efficient this is. And I did used to feel kind of sorry for brides having to return thousands of dollars of gifts to Macy's, but its so cut throat these days. One gal I knew had choices of perfumes for her bridal shower; (I dont think so!!!) A young bride-to-be from a rather prominent leadership family at a former church I attended (LOL) was heard to say: I can't wait to see my haul from the wedding. I made sure I went to Marshalls and bought her something for $5!!!! I'm not surprised that her niece whose wedding I went to in August and even bought something from her register for,has not sent a thank you yet,and she wasn't even working until about a month ago.

I only go to one shower per person though! LOL

As far as the dinner you went to I cannot EVEN imagine leaving anyone at the table while they were eating; that is SO rude. When I was growing up, we all ate together and no one left the table until we were all done. I raised my own kids the same way. But to do it to a GUEST who is still eating is just plain double or triple rated-RRRR!!!!!!