Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Movie Vacation (Warning Movie spoilers)

This vacation I watched more movies then I have in years. These are the movies I watched.

Toy Story 3 - I cried.
The Kings Speech - I cried
Chronicles Of Narnia The Voyage Treader -I cried.
True Grit - I cried.

What's up with all this boo - hooing? It must have to do with that sentimental thing. 

Chronicles had a boring first half. Although the second half spoke to my heart spiritually. Aslan has a way to make me cry. When the rat went over the wave to Aslan's kingdom... It was such a perfect movie to go watch with my two unnamed friends. The special effect amazing. 

The Kings Speech was a most excellent movie. In both this movie and Chronicles seem to be about facing our fears. I could relate to the Kings fear revolving around a disability. It was such a perfect movie to go with Deliah as she was my tutor for many years. When the King gave his speech I fell apart. 

Sidebar: Did you know that boobs and eyelashes are in? Deliha said so and she keeps up with all the trends as it is her business. All the models at New York Fashion Week had boobs this year according to Deliha. Therefore, boobs are the new butts.

True Grit was the first great cowboy movie that has come out in a long time. Jeff Bridges did an excellent job playing the drunken bounty hunter. I did not cry until Jeff Bridges ran the horse to death. Then he shot it. I had just watched humans being being shot and stabbed. But when the horse died... I am still welling up. Me and my gig a low took my dad to see it because he is a cowboy. Now my dad wants to see the original movie with John Wayne. He loved the movie.

Toy Story- I cried because it is a story about growing up and being abandon. It was a sweet sadness. 

What was my favorite ? Hands down, The Kings Speech. 

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Mountain Momma said...

I bawled and bawled at Toy Story 3. Brother was little when Toy Story began and was soooo into it. In fact, years later when I was, once again, frustated he wouldn't get rid of any broken or unused toys, he pointed out that "toys have FEELINGS" and it was my fault for letting him watch the movies! LOL!
And of course, the boy's name is "Andy", and the girl is "Molly", rather close to my kids names, and about the same age span.
So, Brother now bein almost 18 and getting ready to go off to college, watching Toy Story 3 had me sooooooo crying, and crying everytime I watch it!