Thursday, January 27, 2011


Did I ever tell you about the lady I used to work with named Montana? I loved her name because I love the state of Montana. Anyways this was back in the days when I worked for the hospital.

Montana and I took care of private patients on the side to make extra money.  One of  Montana's patient was a cranky old spinster. (COS.) COS lived in a very modest two bed room house.  COS had a very ugly dog. Montana said it was the ugliest dog she had ever seen. It had a big head and a small body. The dog had a severe under bite. The ugly mutt had long matted hair. Montana worked for COS for years.

One day Montana came into work saying COS died. Montana was sad because she had become very fond of COS despite her nasty attitude. I asked Montana what was going to happen to the dog? Montana said it was going to the dog pound.

The next day Montana came to work and said she was feeling very bad for the ugly mutt. She really did not want the dog to die too. Montana said she was going to the dog pound to get the ugly dog.

Montana called in sick the next day at work, and the next.  Montana never called in sick so we all thought something must be very wrong. The following Monday. Montana showed back up at work. She quickly pulled me aside.

Montana whispered in my ear you won't believe what happened, tell me I said with anticipation. COS was a millionaire, Montana said. She left all of her money to the dog.

Apparently, COS had all the family money but never married. In COS will she left all the money to the person who adopted the ugly dog after COS death. If the dog was not adopted the money would of gone to a charity. If the dog was adopted the person who adopted the dog would not get the money until the dog died.

The dog had it's own lawyer and veterinarian. The dog had to live out its natural life and be well taken care of before Montana could collect the bulk of the money. The will stated that if ugly dog was adopted the caretaker for the dog would receive $3,000 a month for food, shelter and visits to the vet and lawyer.  Montana was in shock. I was jealous. Montana had very strict rules regarding the dog. The dog had to visit its private vet every 3 months to make sure Montana was not poisoning the dog or hurting it in any way. The lawyer would make unannounced visits to Montana's house.

Every year Montana would take these fabulous vacations with the dog. They went to Columbia, Paris, Australia. On the 3ed year ugly dog died of natural causes. Montana got the money. She quit work,  that was the last time I ever saw her.

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