Thursday, September 30, 2010

Butterfly Quilt Updated

This is a photo of the quilt that Dehlia made for SLs retirement. The photo does not do the quilt justice. This quilt is a beautiful work of Art. Dehlia is a Master Quilter. I loved the butterfly's. Each color in the quilt represents a segment of SLs life. Of coarse the butterfly represents a new life. 

Here is what Dahlia wrote about the quilt. SL is going to redecorate her bedroom and use the quilt for her color seam. Dahlia is happy about that because quilts are not supose to hang on the wall to look at, they are to keep you warm and cozy! 

Dearest SL
Here unfolds a portrait of our love for you and all that you contribute to others---
Purple stands for your deep passion—your lifelong commitment to making the world a better place.
Red  is here for your youthful vigor and enthusiasm, health and vitality.
Brown represents your abiding love of the earth—flora and fauna and all that is nature.
Floral  embodies your great beauty and charm—rich and eternal. 
Pink symbolizes your strength and courage, your willingness to stand tall in the face of all sorts of difficulties and challenges.
Green signifies growth, freshness, and faith in a happy future.

The Butterflies are standing in for transformation and re-creation—the miracle of unexpected joy.
The pattern itself is meant to show your complexity. You are such a wonderful blend of the modern and the traditional, the everyday and the profound, the intricate and the simple.
And most of all I hoped to characterize your incredible Magic with Relationships—seeing them where others do not, creating them, appreciating them, enriching them, and forwarding them for the good.

May the next phase of your life be filled with light and love and joy.

You can tell Dehlia  majored in English, she is a very good writer!


KARNA said...

That is just beautiful and the meaning behind it makes it a real work of art! xoxox what the heck is your email address anyway? I want to go to lunch with you soon.

Lila said...

Beautiful Quilt. Dehlia's writing is nice, but I like yours much, much better.