Thursday, September 23, 2010

Father In Law Update

Well here is the news. My father in law has a "mass" in his lymphoid behind his sternum pressing on his esophagus. It is about the size of a "small" softball.  Softballs seem kind of big to me. My mother in law used all these code words for cancer and chemo. But she did not say cancer or chemo. She used words  like "mass, cocktail, drip, lymphoma."

According to my mother in law his chemo is going to be chemo light. He will not lose his hair or anything.  "it is the best treatment for his age."  My father in law is 86, he says he wants to see his 90th birthday. My gig a low said the same thing I did. We do not want to see our dad's suffer. My father in law is tough like my dad.

God has been good to my dad, by letting him forget some of the retched things he has been through. He does not remember the Whipple surgery where they took out his pancreas, gallbladder, his spline, part of his small intestine and a scoop of his stomach. He does not remember the 10 min. surgery for his port for the chemo that took 12 hours, or that he almost bleed to death. He dose not remember all the trips to the Red section in the ER.  He dose not remember the first trip to chemo or the second or the third. He does not remember the infection he got in his port. Thank you Lord for the loss of his memory.

Do you remember the first thing my dad wanted when he got out of ICU for his Whipple surgery. He wanted Ham-hock and beans. I said dad, they just took out all your insides. He did not care. I like to tease him about that. 

My dad came over last night to watch survivor and he came over for dinner tonight. Maybe my father in law will beat the odds too.


KARNA said...

Ham hocks & Lima beans? One odd thing I can actually cook> LOL. But then you pass gas a lot so you have to be with people you have known a lifetime..I could make some and drop it off LOLOLOLOLOLOL. He told me about his infection in his port but maybe he just knows it happened from you all talking about it.xoxxo I pray your father in law doesn't suffer and beats the odds...=thats why we pray eh?

ChaChaneen said...

Oh honey! Sorry to hear this update, yet I agree with Karna completely - pray, pray and pray some more! Lurve ya!