Saturday, September 18, 2010

My Rack

It started last night when the drug dealer stopped by. His name is the Schwan man. He brought me my drug of choice Triple Lemon ice cream. He also brought my two favorite chocoholics (my gig a low & GG-GP) Rocky Road and Chocolate and peanut butter ice cream. That made me really happy.

Today I went out to breakfast and to a neighbor garage sale. I did not find any must haves, except a town house that looked out over some open space. It was so beautiful in the rolling hills. I daydreamed of sitting by my back window looking out and seeing foxes and pheasants, quail and deer. Watching the hills turn from golden in the summer to green in the winter. What a nice dream. Then it was back to reality. I guess the $20.00 in my purse was not going to cover the price for the townhouse. Oh well.

I came home and changed my clothes and it was off to Wisteria to meet up with Dehlia for a bike ride. It was so good to see Dehlia. She had been visiting her other house on the beach.  We had a long talk over fresh cherry tomatoes she just picked. They were so tasty. We went on a 14 mile bike ride. My legs where just starting to burn, but had not turn to Jello yet when we arrived at The FRENCH Bakery. I guess we would have to stop and rest a bit and maybe get a bite to eat. I had a mini goat cheese, tomato and basil sandwich and she had a " mini BLT." Of coarse I had to buy bread because we where going to have Lasagna for dinner.  I bought some egg bread rolls, I forget the fancy French name and for dessert I bought stone- fruit tarts. OH shoot, how am I going to get all this stuff home? I am on my bike. So I asked for a bag with handles. It was a little awkward dangling the bag off my handle bars.  Me and Dehlia agreed we needed to get a basket like the one Fuchsia has on her bike. 

Oh when we got back to Dehlia's house her husband said he "liked my rack" (he had not seen my bike rack before) Me and Dehlia roared with laughter.  He looked at us kind of puzzled, Dehlia said Honey it's not very nice to tell our guest you like their "rack." we all got a good laugh.

I came home, me and my gig a low had dinner lasagna and egg bread rolls. Then my Dad came over and we watched Alice in Wonderland (2010) My dad had never seen Alice in Wonderland before. He seemed to like it.

Now it's  time for bed, Thank you God for the great day and the "safe" people I have in my life!

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