Sunday, September 12, 2010

Who is You Master

My foster sister got me hooked on a TV show called Master Chef. Incase you have never seen it, the premise is to take a home cook and turn them into a Master Chef. The shows chief chef is Gordon Ramsay. Gordon Ramsay is much more likable on this show.
The contestants do a series of cooking challenges, feed 200 truckers or Marines or a wedding party. The challenges serve as a processes of elimination.  One of the challenges is called "mystery box." Each contestant stands at a table. In front of them is a wooden crate they call the "mystery box." Under the mystery box is the secret ingredients that each wanna be chef has to prepare.  

With anticipation I watched, trying to guess what the mystery ingredient was going to be. When Ramsay told the contestants go, they all looked under their box. That night it was crab, live  Dungeness crab. Most contestants seemed gleeful to have such a yummy ingredient. All but one. Her name is Sheetal Bhagt. Almost immediately her eyes welled up. As it turns out she is Hindu, raised in a Hindu family. Sheetal said she grew up vegetarian. Sheetal had never eaten an animal let alone killed one. She said it was against her beliefs to kill that crab.

The next thing I know I was hoping and praying she would stand up to the pressure and not kill the crab. After all it is her belief. She walked off the stage in tears. Ramsay followed her off the stage. Now Sheetal was in quite a dilemma. If she held fast to her beliefs she would lose. My heart dropped as I watched her walk back across the stage, tell the crab she was sorry and plunk the crab into the bolling water. Ramsy and the other judges told her what a good job she had done, going against her beliefs. Was this a test for Sheetal? I think so.

I felt so sad for Sheetal. Greed and fame got in her way. I started to think how sad God must feel when we do things like that. We do it all the time. We turn our backs on our beliefs. We don't stand firm in the face of temptation. I understand how hard it is to do. I fail many tests.

The other day at Walmart the cashier gave me $20.00 to much in change. I got in the car and counted it
 $20.00 to much. So I drove off and the battle began. (here is my thought process) You need to take that money back, no I need the money. You need to take the money back. No it is a blessing from God, he knows I need that $20.00 he would not of given it to me otherwise. You need to take the money back. Ok, well I will pull over here and count it again to make sure I did not make the mistake and she owed me the $20.00. Ok, so I did not make a mistake. I need to take back the money. I sat there, along side of the road for a long time. Well, if I take back the money the cashier is going to be embarrassed. If I don't take back the money her books won't balance. I was glad there was no Tv cameras watching me or people encouraging me just to keep the money. I drove back to Walmart feeling victorious. I passed this test! I was doing the right thing this time!


KARNA said...

YAY you did the right thing missy; Your Master won! Sometimes in smaller stores they make the cashier make up the difference, prob.not at walmart..but if that happens too often that she does not balance out correctly she would be fired. God will multiply that $20 in numerous ways now,not necessarily with money either. Thanks for sharing. also i only like gordon ramsey when he goes into failing restaurants and helps cannot stand it when he demeans and screams at people tho. and yes,the contestant should have been more brave in her stated beliefs. But like you said we all fail from time to time.

Mountain Momma said...

On these shows I often wonder how much is true and how much is "exagerated" for tv. For example, I wonder if she truly lived everyday as her faith dictates and really has never induldged outside of vegetarian eatting? I know that daily people compromise their beliefs, religious or otherwise. I'm hoping this situation was "played up" for tv, and that she didn't break her vows/beliefs for the show. I think it's incredibly sad and unfortunate that she was encouraged and then praised for basically deniying and turning her back on her belief.
On the $ is so very hard when you know how much you need something, and suddenly it's in your hands, but you know it's not right. You most definitely did the right thing. You need your eternal happiness so much more!

Lila said...

I love this post. I'm going to write NBC and beg them to make a sitcom out of your life, staring you! I know this wasn't suppose to be a funny post, but the process you went through to get to victory - pulling over to the side of the road and having the conversation with yourself - was hilarious! ...and inspirational.