Wednesday, September 8, 2010

This One is On Me

I have know a certain someone (CS) for a very long time now. Every-time even now, CS ask if I want to have 7-7. It the past most likely I would have said yes, and "drank CS under the table." meaning I could drink way more the CS could. One day I realize that drinking was not fun anymore. That it was a problem for me. (long story) So I told CS not to offer me alcohol anymore. I told CS that I can't handle it well. I am not a happy drunk. For a few years CS respected that.

Then somehow in CS mind me not drinking became a 'holier then thou" thing. CS started to tell me all about how bad it was growing up Catholic.  CS, I am sorry you had a bad experience with Christianity,  That has nothing to do with me not drinking. In my opinion if you want to drink yourself until your brain is a slushy go right ahead. God gives us all free choice. Not only that, God says everything in moderation. For me I choose not to drink at all. No big deal, but you can. CS has taken my not drinking personal.

So the other night me and my gig a low were invited to a party with CS. Ugh. Ok. So we went to the party. The first thing CS does is ask if I want a "drink" yes, 7up I say, 7-7? no. Just plain 7up. So I hear CS joking with the bartender about being a "heathen."  I never said that, I never even implied that. CS you have free choice. Go ahead and drink your self to death.

Here are the REAL reasons I don't drink
  • I can not drink in moderation. I can only drink until the bar closes, than get more on the way home.
  • I see how much to alcohol destroys life. It kills people in cars, it kills marriages, it kills friendships, it kills everything it can, if your not careful.
  • It is an insidious drug that creeps up on you unknowingly.  You thought you were a "social drinker"
CS, I feel sad for you. BTW leave my faith out of the equation, and deal with your convictions.

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Lila said...

Does CS read this blog?