Sunday, September 5, 2010

FYI Laundry

 I just bought a very cool book- it is called "Mary Proctor's Ironing Book -1016 ways to make washing and ironing easier" printed in 1949. She must of been the Martha Stewart of her time.

Did you know their is a only one way to hang clothes on the clothes line?
Shade: Colors clothes, rayons, silks and wool
Sun: White clothes and linen.

Here is the order you put your clothes in the basket when you take them off the line
going from bottom to top (pay attention Mountain Mama)

Heavy linens and cottons
Heavy cotton & linen clothing
Light Cotton Clothing
Rayons, Nylons, silks and wool

You MUST sit while ironing. Women are very weak, and need to rest.

Use DDT on wool garments to prevent moths from eating them up.

 Some stain removers
  1. Vinegar (I use it all the time)
  2. pepsin
  3. hydrogen proxside.
  4. Turpentine (for paint)

According to Mary Proctor say " Removing stains is a thrifty art." I have to agree.
Stains that you may have to remove
  • carbon paper
  • cod liver oil
  • India ink
  • iodine
  • rubber cement
  • tar
Mary Proctor says if you want to get coffee or tea stain out use hydrogen proxside.

 Mary looks so happy sitting at her ironing board with her hand folded underneath her chin. The perfectly iron clothes are hanging on clothes lines attached to the kitchen cabinet handles. (so she will not have to stand up while she is ironing) I love this book.

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Lila said...

I have the hugest smile on my face. My cousin is visiting from saudi arabia and I'm going to read some of your posts to her. This one is making it on the list I will read to her...and also Things to remember: Don't interup the boss, don't interupt the boss. Heeheeheeeeeeee