Saturday, September 25, 2010

Valley of the Flies today

 I am going up to the Sacramento area today with my dad. It is going to be very hot today.  It is my sister in laws birthday. On the way there we have to pass the factory outlets. I love going to the factory outlets. We will be going to my nephews house. They should call the city he lives in the city of flies. I am really not fond of his city. It is flat hot and dry.  But I have not seen my family in a long time.

My schedule is getting busy.  Work (thank you God) Mon - in laws house for cards- Tues bible study - Wed- Dad comes over for dinner and survivor, Thurs - Bike ride,  every other Friday I am going to lead a journaling class. We are going to do Sermon on the Mt. Maybe I should make it a face book or skype page that way we could meet up from our own home.

Not only that I have a agreed to be on the Woman's Christmas tea committee at church.  The pastors wife said she is going to read my blog about getting kicked out of the church kitchen to everyone at the Christmas tea. Ummm ok, I guess. She thinks it is very funny.

Tomorrow,  Sy who helped and encouraged me to learn how to read and go to college (when I was over 30 years old) is retiring. She is also dyslexic. I hold her in high regards. She is the first person I met that was so much like me. She gets lost pulling out of her driveway, she has a hard time with left and right. she can't spell, she has no concept of space for example, how far is it from my house to the stop sign? She and I don't understand  blue prints. Sy went on to get her masters degree. She gave me hope that I too someday could get a degree. We did many speaking engagements together to help people understand what is like to live in our world. We also spoke to raise money for the library program to help adults learn how to read.  We even went up to Sacramento one time to lobby to keep the learn how to read program open. That was really fun. The party is going to be at the County Librarians house. Dehlia and her husband will be there too! I really look forward to seeing that network of friends.

BTW - Raider Baby is 1 year old today, can you believe it? Did I tell you Raider baby is going to have a brother or sister in a fe months. Maybe this one will be 49er baby?


Mountain Momma said...

I actually gasped outloud at your last sentance! Blasphemy!!!

Lila said...

I wish I could have heard to speak about living in your dyslexic world. It would have been an honor.