Friday, September 10, 2010

My Masters Thesis

I wonder what it does to a person Psyche when your birthday is on a tragic anniversary. If I was ever going to write a paper for a master degree, that would be my topic. I wonder for all those born on Sept 11, or what about during Katrina? Do they turn off the TV and radio because all they hear about on their birthday is death and distraction? Are we just spoiled Americans that don't want extremely tragic things to happen on our birthday? People die everyday, one way or another.  Maybe some people don't care about their birthday, some religions don't even recognize birthdays as a day to celebrate. What would their perspective be on what ever disastrous event happened? What would be the same and what would be different.

Sometimes I think how lucky we are here in the USA. There are so many people around the world that live in a war zone every day.

Just in case your wondering,  my birthday is NOT this month.

I am still haunted by what I saw on Sept 11.

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