Saturday, September 4, 2010


Who remembers Mercurochrome? If I got a cut or a scrape and my parents found out, they would head right for the medicine cabinet to get the Mercurochrome.  I would start screaming before their hand touched the cabinet door. I hated that stuff. It burned SO bad.


Mountain Momma said...

I was just telling someone about mercurichrome the other day. I liked using it ifyou had a splinter of glss you couldn't see. Dab on the merc and it stained your skin red, and the glass suddenly became visible and could be removed. I doubt they sell that anymore.

KARNA said...

I remember it!! It stings! C used it all the time...and if you have a pimple, put some on it (at night) cuz like MM said above, it stains!!

Lila said...

Wow, is that a blast from the past!! Seriously, a vacation in Kristi's head when I log in some more vacation hours. I'll name a cocktail after the trip: Back to the Future with a twist of Jesus. OR, Lots of Jesus with a twist of Back to the Future.