Friday, October 1, 2010

Heels and a Dress

So the other day when I went to SL's party, I wore heels and a dress. I felt so very uncomfortable physically and emotionally. I got on BART, and I started to think, if I need to fight how do I do it in a dress and heels? (There where some unsavory people on board when I got on) Not only that, my dress was low cut and I felt like my boobs where sticking out. You know I am used to wearing a burqa . Not only that, no one wares nylons anymore (at least here in California)I felt exposed and vulnerable. Trying to walk up and down the stair in my cute black wedge heels at the BART station was another sight to behold.

From my early teen until I turned about 25, I was totally comfortable in a dress and stiletto heals. humm. I want to wear a dress and heels. Thankfully Dehlia is in my life, She is a fashion consultant by profession. She has clients coming in from all over the country and in the state of CA. Anyways she said I looked just fine and I was not walking like a linebacker.

I asked her if she would help me practice being comfortable in a dress and heels again. Dehlia said that would be fine. She suggested Happy Hour. I said I go to happy hour "all the time" I really don't see many people in dresses and heels. So she said maybe I could come to one of her cocktail parties!!!  Dehlia said she usually has cocktails parties around the holidays! OH now that sounds like fun. I have never been to a cocktail party. (probably because I don't drink.) Dehlia said she would have Ginger ale for me. That way I could get practice in a dress and heels.

I feel so happy when I think of how good all my friends are to. I am very thankful that God has put Dehlia, my sweet friend, Fuchsia, Jeremiah, Malinda, Karna, and many others in my life. They all bring different life styles and experiences to my life. They enrich me.


KARNA said...

One of the motivators I use to lose weight is CHICO's ads..The 'real' me appears in the Oprah issue chico ad..i tore it out and put it in my bedroom where I see it all the time! It's me..outrageous me :) check it out!! ..i love the way they dress. Neat you have your own fashion consultant..I mean that is serious stuff!!! Once I wore a dress to church and Billy Butler said, "OH look she has legs!" hahaah

Lila said...

Oh gosh, Kristi. I'm so glad you're venturing out into beauty land. I picture you in a beautiful dress and heels with a black shawl over your shoulders. I'm sure you were very sexy looking. As for me? I hate wearing dresses. Sadly it has to do with my weight. The thought of wearing pantyhose and getting an hellaceous rash between my inner thighs is enough to ruin a day before it even begins. Thank you, Jesus, for letting women wear pants.