Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Salt

Call Al Gore, it was me who started global warming. (all my friends are sick of my joke, now that I have told you I can stop)

It was hot again today. Yuck. The good part is that Me and Fuchsia went on a 10 mile bike ride.

When I got to Fuchsia's house, she had on her pearl post earrings, black bike coolots, cool green lacy beater shirt, and a fancy crochet bolero jacket tied loosely around her neck. I can see the similarities in Fuchsia and Dehlia. They have many similarities, but are both very different too.

No trees, just golden rolling hills. Fuchsia said she liked the quiet too. We had a good time. I am happy I went on a bike ride because I overdosed on Triple Lemon ice cream last night. I would have had to ride 200 miles to burn that off. Oh well, a little exercise is better then nothing.

I am going to start doing a journaling class for our church. We are going to journal through the Sermon on the Mt. in Matthew. I did a word study on "blessed"in the Beatitudes.. in the Greek this blessed means Happy. "Happy" are those who morn for they will be comforted, "Happy" are the merciful for theywill be shown mercy. That really shines a new light on this scripture for me. Because I was thinking what kind of a blessing would be for those who morn? Now I understand.

I am still formulating the Salt thoughts. What is salt? Salt is a preservative and something that makes food taste good...hummm. This salt in the Greek means "prudence" the dictionary says prudence means to care for or a thought for the future. So if we are salt a preservative,  we are caring for our future and caring for others "the earth." Salty things are is good, so if we do this it be good. ;)

Who wants to come to my journaling group??? It will be twice a month. Not sure what days yet.

Me and my gig a low went to Gunpoint for breakfast the other morning. The place is called PaPa's. It is a dive, but that is our favorite breakfast place. Anyways there was a lady eating out on the front porch when we went in. She said hi to us. Sitting behind my gig a low in a booth was this very big very, beefy just got out of prison, skin head looking guy. He was like the great white shark of Gunpoint. Anyways, he had two boys running around. They went outside. Soon after the lady sitting outside peeks her head in the door and says "your 5 year old son just fell off the stairs and he is screaming bloody murder" The tatooed bald headed man says "he needs to grow up, he is fine." What? the kid is 5.  I couldn't help but to stare at the guy. The bald man gave me a hard look with icy cold blue eyes. The kind of eyes that say I kill people for fun. Oops - ok, I almost just peed my pants he scared me so bad.
So I made it a point to just look at my gig a low. Later the boy came in. He had a huge bump on his forehead. I did not want to stare at the boy. That was the very first time I was happy to get out of PaPa's.

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KARNA said...

can you take a picture of Fuschia next ride?And if she likes her privacy, you can just not take a picture of her head. loved her outfit!