Thursday, October 28, 2010

Shorty Forgot

So on facebook Shorty posts she is in Hawaii...wait she was suppose to call when she got to the airport in SF on her way to Hawaii. So I left a post and said hay you forgot something.. ME. So Shorty called today and said she was very sorry, but her husband was afraid to let her wonder off  and out of the airport with her old drinking buddy's. Yeah he has always been like that. That is why he moved her to the other side of the world (country.)  Shorty said she got so home sick when they landed in the bay area for the a hour layover.

So Shorty and I made a plan to meet in the middle. I said how about Colorado? Shorty said that was to far west and not in the middle, Shorty suggested Chicago, Why is it that people on the east coast think Chicago is in the middle? I am going to have to Google map what is the middle between my house and hers. I will call my foster sister because I know she will want to go with me!

I really miss Shorty. She haa been my friend since kindergarten. Every time we get together it is like no time has elapsed.

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