Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pot Roast

So last night I have my dad over for dinner and to watch the Giants game and Survivor (my dad's favorite tv show.) I made a very simple pot roast in the crock pot. My dad, my gig a low and GG-GP all raved about my pot roast. Oh its so tender, it so tasty, this is the best pot roast ever .Go figure.

Lets Go Giants!  LETS GO!  That was a landslide! I had my black beard, panda hat and orange towel pom poms dancing in the street! I love the misfits!


KARNA said...

Isn't it funny to be a 'fan' of a team? Makes me laugh at myself. I'm into the niners, the giants and the LAKERS...i hate the warriors. FEAR THE BEARD TONIGHT!!! Pot Roast has to be one of the best easiest things in the crockpot..I love it love it. xoxox

kayakerswife said...

I think all men love Pot Roast.I know my husband loves it.