Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fire in Tennessee

Did you hear about this fire in Tennessee ? To watch the story go to this link

It is very sad that the family lost everything. Could I just stand and watch someones house burn down, and listen to the family begging me to put it out if I was a firefighter? No, I do not think so.

Apparently, if you don't pay 75 dollars a year in this town you don't get fire protection. This family did not pay, the man thought if they had a fire, he could put it out with his garden hose. Oops, it did not reach.  So when their house caught on fire, they called 911 and no one responded. When the fire moved to the yard next door the fire fighters put out the yard fire because their neighbors payed the 75 bucks. All the while the firefighters watched the house next door burn to the ground. The family called 911 3 times and told the fire fighters they would pay what ever it takes to put the fire out. The mayor said to late, sorry Charlie, and told the firefighters not to do anything.

Of coarse I started thinking of heaven and hell. How many people will not pay up now, before they die? They think they have everything under control. When their judgment day happens, the King will say sorry Charley, this has been my policy for over 2000 years. You can almost hear the people begging saying they thought they could pay later. How sad.

I am no expert on God and Judgment. I know our God is a merciful God. I think I would rather pay up the "75 dollars" now, and if I am wrong what did I lose spiritually speaking? nothing. I guess I would call it fire insurance.


KARNA said...

I guess its well worth $75 to have a fire department!! YIKES Not covered by property taxes YIKES!! Can't imagine watching a house go up in flames when you are right there with equipment..YIKES!!! Maybe they could set up a system that if someone hasn't paid that they will come out anyway, but then bill you $500 or something..Geeze
NOW I love your analogy!!! Unfortunately there isn't any 'pay later option' .. CHOOSE THIS DAY WHOM YE SHALL SERVE...He said it! I dont see Him saying sorry charlie...I bet there will be tears in His eyes as he tells them their name is not in the Book of Life afterall is said and done. Yet every KNEE will bow and every tongue CONFESS that He is what a wakeup call to realize after the fact that you acknowledge him finally but its too late for eternally being with sad. May every one who has opportunity today to receive Christ not linger one more moment out of rebellion or pride or whatever is holding them back...Let the Lord come so close that they bend that knee NOW to the one and only God who died for their every sin and loves them so much. amen

Mountain Momma said...

We faced this issue just a couple of years ago. We are lucky enough to have a Cal Fire station here, but during the busy fire season, they are out on calls. So we have a some paid/some volunteer fire department. A measure was passed for a tax to cover the equipment and other absolute necesities of the fire department. One resident was outraged and took the county to court He did not want to pay this tax, because he did not vote in support of it. He felt the protection should be free, since a lot of volunteers staff the department. (I guess it's like some people who don't see the need for offering in church: they forget the church & fire department have bills like everyone else! Power, water, buildig upkeep, vehicles,) The court case was depleteing money from the fire department, so the town held fundraisers for the legal defense and for upkeep) The town was not willing to allow his home/property to burn, because of the danger it raises for those surrounding him (fire travels so fast in the forest/grass!) Eventually, the man did lose his case!
It's like anything else you pay for: car insurance, homeowners insurance, health insurance: you need to have it and pray to never need it. I hope this man now realizes it sucks to need it and not have it!
Mountain Papa & I have the disussion often of heaven: why do people who "find God" on their death beds get to go to heaven right along with those who have struggled and tried all their lives to be good Christians? Mountain Papa had all kinds of answers until I said "Okay, so your cousin who is a thief, drug addict, beat his ex-girlfriend, drugged his mother and threatened to kill your grandmother deserves to be right beside you in the Kingdom of God? You have changed your life, made your amends, and now serve God to the best of your ability. He'll say sorry at the end." Pause for thought!

Lila said...

I will be sad when the day comes an many have not come to know the Lord. It will be a sad, sad day.