Sunday, October 3, 2010

Soup Of The Day

I hate grocery shopping, enless I am going to WinCo. I love WinCo. I have to drive for miles and go way out of my way to get there, but man is it worth it. Yesterday my sweet friend wanted to go with me. She had no idea of what a slow poke I can be.

WinCo is bigger then the biggest Costco you have ever been to. I like to go up and down every aisle methodically, looking at every product on each side. Usually, it takes me about 3 hours to get through WinCo. Each isle is like a city block long. Visually speaking it looking at all that stuff is kind of overwhelming. That is why I have to go slow. I would glance up and my sweet friend would be right next to me. The next thing I know she is clear at the other end of the aisle. I had not even had a chance to process everything I was looking at in that little section, let alone both sides. I was kind of getting stressed because I was feeling rushed. My sweet friend was feeling stressed because she was coming down with a cold and she shops like a hunter. Hunt down the item, put it in the basket and move on. I was holding her up. We both tried to compromise, she slowed down, I moved a little faster.  The truth is I think she slowed way down, I tried really hard to speed up, but I didn't want to miss anything.

I found this really cool tomato bouillon cube. I had never noticed it before. It was in the Mexican "block." It is called "Caldo de Tomate con sabor de pollo" So it is tomato bouillon with chicken flavor.
If I was going fast I would of never seen it. I think it might be good in soup. Me and my sweet friend are wishing that the weather would cool down enough for soup. We agree if I bought the bouillon maybe the weather would get a hint. I bought the bullion but it only cooled down to 75' today.

I like soup any time of year. I am sure you will agree hot soup is best on a very cold winter day served with some warm bread. I like cold soup in the summer. Maybe I will make some tomato soup with some fresh tomatoes and use my new tomato bouillon cube. Tomato soup and grilled cheese on Wonder-bread...That sounds like the perfect meal to me.


KARNA said...

we can go eat together at Morimoto's place in Napa, but we can NEVER go shopping together :)

Lila said...

Kristi, did you know that WinCo's headquarters are in Boise? Yes, we have a WinCo in every town up here. I, like you, LOVE IT!!!! Every store is set up the same, so wherever I shop and WinCo, I know right were to go. I know those stores like the back of my hand, m'dear. Like the back of my hand.