Sunday, October 24, 2010

Annual Stuffed Pumpkin Dinner

So tonight I made my annual stuffed pumpkin dinner. Every year I say this is the last year I am going to make it, every year I make it again.This IS the last year I am going to make it. By the time it is all said and done, it takes about 3 hours. I invited my dad over, I told GG-GP tonight we are having something special,  I joyfully told my gig a low we are having my annual stuffed pumpkin dinner tonight. 

I go to Safeway and fuss over getting just the right pumpkin, I bring it home with great anticipation. I am going to turn this average pumpkin into a masterpiece.

I clear the table so when I take the pumpkin out of the oven it will be the center piece. I take it out of the oven, but it on the table invite the guys into the kitchen to behold this yummy dinner I have prepared for them.

They all walk in and sit down. No one says anything.  UMMMM do you notice that beautiful cooked pumpkin sitting in the middle of the table. Oh yeah sure enough it's a  pumpkin.  Ok I have to admit I kinda lose it at this point. Do you realize I just spent 3 hours making this dinner? All you can say is "its a pumpkin" So my dad said it was "good" GG-GP said he "liked the walnuts" and my gig a low just picked at his dinner.

The guys agreed I should take a picture of it. What, I don't want a picture of the pumpkin. I want you to notice that I just spent 3 hours on this for YOU.

What I wanted you to say would be something like this, jeeze you worked really hard on providing us this stunning dinner, we really appreciate the time, effort and love you put into making this for us. This is absolutely the most tasty dinner you have made in your whole life. Not only that it is so seasonal. This was a perfect dinner for a cold rainy late October night.

I just want to let you all know that for Thanksgiving we are having Hungry Man frozen dinners with sliced turkey with mash potatoes and an over cooked brownie


Mountain Momma said...

I would LOVE to ooooohhh and ahhhhhh over your stuffed pumpkin dinner! (with no walnuts, cause I don't wanna die). Then again, I would oooooh and ahhhh over the Hungry Man dinner too. My philosophy is that I love any dinner I don't have to make or clean up after! In that case to, I'd gladly toss the plates & wash the forks! Love you Auntie!

ChaChaneen said...

ha ha I'm laughing so hard my gut hurts. Oh honey, I know your frustration. ha ha