Wednesday, October 13, 2010


If you are wondering, I am leading a journal class. We are writing how we feel about parts of sermon on the Mt. SO I do my journaling on this blog. If you want, you can journal what these scriptures with me. Here is our method.

S cripture - write down the scripture

O bservation - what is the scripture saying to you?

Application - How can I apply what I read to my life?

P rayer - pray about it.

Here is the next one  

Matthew 5:7
Blessed (happy) are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy. 

I really love this one. I think I have mercy. It has gotten me into trouble many times over the years. Getting involved with drunks, drug addicts, and the list goes on. I do have compassion for people and animals. I had to admit to at my bible study last night that I am a tree hugger. It is really not that popular of a thing in some Christian circles. The pastor said that our church recycles just for me. He was teasing me. But I am really happy our church is vigilant in recycling. Our church is showing a little mercy on the earth. Anyways the gift of mercy has help as well as hindered me over the years. I don't really have time to get into that now. But because I have shown mercy to people, I believe the Lord has shown mercy to me.

I don't understand when people these days brag about having no mercy. Why is that a good thing? In my ever so humble opinion Jesus was/is all about mercy. Helping the sick, widows and poor.

Thank you God for giving me this gift of mercy, and thank you for having mercy on me!

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