Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A letter From Phoebe

I got this letter today from Phoebe. It made me cry. So I thought I would pass it on to you.

Hiya...God impressed upon me yesterday to call your dad and just ask up front if he had ever given his life to Christ and if no to talk to him about doing just that.

So I called him today and said I had heard the news about the heart etc., and he told me all the details etc. I told him I really liked his upbeat spirit about the whole situation as it had to be devastating news. He said the doctor changed some meds today and there is something the can give him once off chemo.

I told him I had two friends who recently had been diagnosed with congestive heart failure and they were doing much better since on the meds. Told him since his last treatment of chemo was end of December he could look forward to a new start in 2010.

THEN i said I dont know if you know about my son Jeff but he died in 2006 and the one thing that helps me on my days of missing him is that he is in heaven with God and I will see him again one day.

have you ever given your life to Christ? Have you ever prayed to ask him into your life? Well, no I haven't. I said well, he'd love to hear from you and say hi. LOL He said say hi huh .. I said yes, and tell you that he loves you and wants you in heaven and considering that you have all these health issues you might want to commit today.

He said my daughter talks to me about this and I have been thinking about it. I said well,,, maybe today .. this afternoon.. is the day to actually move on that commitment and just sit and talk to God. Ask Him to come into your life and thank Him for dying for you so that one day you too can spend eternity in the kingdom of God. I then added that it would also be a great gift for (me) to know that one day she would be with her dad again.

He said he would be thinking about this again this afternoon...so no commitment yet, but I am praying today is the day of his salvation. to God be the glory!!!

love you sistah


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Mountain Momma said...

I never remember grandpa, or your mom, to be into religion, but then again, honestly, my memories of your mother are of so long ago because I was so young. Even when he & grandma married, I think the only time they went to church was for weddings, funerals or Christenings. I know grandma used to be very faithful when my mom & her sibblings were growing up, and even after grandpa S. died they were regular church attendees thru at least my mom's teens/early 20's. I do not know when it all changed. I do not remember if grandma attended church when I was a child, I just cannot remember. I do remember attending church with my grandparents N.
When grandpa & grandma got married & you were a teen, was it ever discussed? Or just a non-subject?
I don't know if grandma "lost" her faith or what happened. I know I have gone thru my ups and downs where the commitment I feel to faith faded in & out.
What's important is what is NOW. Maybe that's what grandpa needs to know? God wants him as-is and asap. I have a friend at church whose faith was strengthened when she got cancer, who has a book she'd like me to give grandpa, but I wasn't sure how to approach him with it....maybe this is my sign...JUST DO IT!