Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Water Heater

On Thursday morning, I noticed my shower water was getting colder and colder instead of warmer and warmer. I jumped in really quick and took a fast shower. When I got home from work, my gig a low told me the water heater was out. He has had no work and he did not see any work in the future. Buying a new water heater would put a real strain on the budget. So he was going to try to fix it. On friday I took a cold shower before work. In the meantime the weather went from 70 degrees to a snow day. On saturday the shower was freezing cold, so I though it would be best to washed my hair in the kitchen sink.

I had to heat the water in the tea pot and pour the water into a cup and pour it onto my head. Trying to get the shampoo out was very inconvenient to say the least. Saturday was a very busy day, I felt satisfied to feel clean despite taking a shower so cold it made me gasp for air.

On Saturday night my gig a low said he was going to go buy the part he needed to fix the hot water heater on Sunday. So I would have to deal with not having hot water one more day. Ok - I can deal with it one more day.

Sunday was a very exciting day because Sheryl invited me to go see Wicked the musical. So I called my dad and asked him if I could take a shower at his house. On Sunday morning I went over to my dad's house and took a very warm shower. It felt so good. It is a well known fact that my dad is a miser. It is the family joke. I didn't care. I stayed in the shower and steamed up all the mirrors! It was grand. It was a sure bet that my dad was cauculting the cost of heating the water and how much water had been used. Did I let those worrisome thoughts get in my way? No. I stayed in that shower for a long time. The joy of hot water. Sheryl and I had a marvelous time and I was sparkling clean. I new when I got home the hot water heater would be fixed.

Wrong. No hot water heater. My sensors told me to delete the paragraph I just wrote. So I did. I am sorry you will not be able to read it. I guess it is better that way. It was disappointing news to hear I would not be taking a hot shower on Monday.

Monday I splashed freezing cold water on myself and did a do over with the tea pot and shampoo. I had a great day in the snow with the students.

This morning I was so depressed. I could not bare another cold shower. I had a bath in a pan on the stove. I dragged all day at work. I could not get my act together. The students said are we going swimming tomorrow? Not a chance, I was sick of being in cold water. I hope it rains or snows tomorrow so the students are not to disappointed.

When I got home from work today I saw the handy man's truck in the driveway. I prayed for good news. It was. He had got the part and the hot water heater was heating. I wanted to do a little jig. I get to take a hot shower tomorrow. I can't hardily wait!

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