Saturday, December 19, 2009

GG-GP and another Hospital Adventure

GG-GP has not been nearly as hard to live with as I thought. Yes, he knows everything and if you tell him he is wrong, he will go to great lengths to prove he is right. It might take him a week to research what ever the dispute is, but he will "get er done." GG-GP wiil print out the right answer and casually lay it on the kitchen table. He has been a great help to me, sometimes he cooks, does the dishes and even vacuums. He helps me and my gig a low fix things. GG-GP was going to help me put up blow up Santa today.

For the last 3 days GG-GP has been awake all night. He has been going to bed about the time I get up. He said he was not feeling well. Yesterday morning around 4 A.M I heard GG-GP taking a shower. I thought that was strange. I got up at 5:30 am GG-GP was in the kitchen. I said to him, are you a vampire? He said No, I am going to the hospital. I am having alot of pain. I think I have a lung infection. I was surprised. It must be pretty bad if he was going to the hospital. GG-GP has no health care insurance. I said are you going to County hospital ? He said he was going to try the local hospital first. I woke my gig a low up and told him what was going on. I went on to work.

My gig a low does not do stress and sick people very well. Especially if your a loved one. SO I get a call from the ER around 10:30 am.. That GG-GP has a blood clot in his lung. My gig a low reassured me that everything was going to be ok and not to worry because my he had brought GG-GP three magazines to read.
  • 1996 Readers Digest that was still in the mailer - in "pristine" condition
  • Decembers issue of Better Homes and Gardens
  • A newsweek magazine from earlier this year
What? I was confused for a minute. You took 3 magazines to the hospital? yes. My gig a low repeated himself, so GG-GP can read them - my gig a low added because GG-GP has been admitted. Oh I understand now. I asked if either one of them needed anything because I was going to be gone all afternoon, well into the evening. I had many things to do. No, everything was fine.

When I got home about 7:00 pm. My gig a low was agitated. What's wrong? I asked him. He went on to tell me the hospital staff lost the 3 magazines. He was especially upset about the 1996 Readers Digest that was in pristine condition. I said how is GG-GP doing? Ok enough but my gig a low needed to find those magazines to give to GG-GP. I said ok lets go visit GG-GP, see if he wants us to take his car home. While we are there you can do a search and rescue for the magazines. I could tell those magazines were my gig a lows way to telling GG-GP that he was worried about him and that he cares about him.

When we got to the hospital ER, EVERYONE had a yellow surgical mask on. My gig a low masked up and started the search effort. I waited outside the ER because I did not want to put on a yellow mask. No luck. Therefore, it was time to look for GG-GP's room.

Outside the ER in the hospital, it was vacant. Like a ghost town. No hustle and bustle. After wondering around the inside of the hospital aimlessly for a few minutes we saw a Rent A Cop walking the halls. We asked him how to get to room 533. He directed us to the elevators. As you know I am not a big fan of elevators. GG-GP was on the 5th floor.

Walking up to the elevators my heart started to pound. I tried to calm myself down. I told myself I can do this. The elevator doors opened. It was one of those two sided door elevators. A nurse joined us on one side and on the other side 2 men with yellow masks got on. I was starting to hyperventilate. Everyone had pushed their prospective buttons but the elevator was not moving. That was it, I was jumping out of that thing. Just as I started my leap the doors slowly closed and we crawled to the 3ed floor. The doors opened I pushed my way past the two men in the yellow mask and got out of the elevator. Side note: So far their are only 2 people I have been able to ride the hospital elevator for
  • My Dad
  • Sis
Anyways me and my gig a low made it to the 5th floor. Almost instantly my gig a low went to the nurses station and demanded they find those magazines. GG-GP was obviously loaded. They were giving him morphine. He said he still had pain but didn't care. GG-GP asked me where is your gig a low? I said looking for the magazines.

The nurse came in so I asked about GG-GP's blood clot. How big, how many, where precisely are the clot(s) ? Where did it come from, what is causing it? The RN said "I don't know." Not realizing that I was a pro at this hospital Q & A thing. She added that I needed to talk to the doctor. I said are you telling me the doctor did not write anything down? I insisted answers and I wanted them right now. Reluctantly, the RN went and got GG-GP's chart. She asked GG-GP if it was ok for her to talk to me. (hospital commandment #3 )Yes. Just about that time my gig a low shows up with no magazines.

My gig a low said the nurse at the station was calling down to the ER and telling them to find the magazines, especially the readers digest. I thought to myself these poor nurses and what they have to put up with. I am sure down in the ER they have nothing better to do then to look for magazines. Although, my gig a low is coping the best way he can and they don't know that.

I had a lengthy conversation with the RN about GG-GP's condition. They will be running more test today. GG-GP has to stay still so the blood clot does not move and go to his brain. GG-GP was making me laugh with his morphine educed antics. My gig a low got GG-GP's keys. I took the stairs my gig a low took the elevator down.

I made it down 5 flights of stairs before the elevator reached to bottom floor. I was going toward the parking lot when I noticed my gig a low was going the other way. I said where are you going? He said I am going to the ER to recover the magazines. Sigh. I followed my gig a low to the ER where he masked up again. I watched through the window as he stopped to talked to the admitting nurses. He rummaged around the waiting room looking under newspapers and other items laying around with no avail. My gig a low sat down. I stood outside in the cold looking in.

After about 10 minutes a pretty red headed nurse showed up with 3 magazines. One still in the mailer. I could see my gig a lows eyes twinkling above his mask. Mission accomplished. My gig a low took off his mask and disappeared. He was taking the magazines up to GG-GP.

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