Sunday, December 6, 2009

What is in a Name

In the bible and in other cultures parents named their children for a reason. Not just because the name was on the top 10 name list that year. A baby born on the Mayflower was named Oceanus.
His name had a relevant to the voyage. As for me my name did not have any significance. I was not named after a loved one in the family, my folks did not give me my name for any "religious" reasons. My parents named me what they did because they liked the name.

Now that I have this blog, I can changes peoples name or leave them as they are. I like having that kind of control. Not only that Hospital commandment #3 is very important to me. I like it when someone's name has purpose or a meaning.

Sheryl means - dear one
Phoebe - bright
Malinda - sweet
My sweet Friend - amiable- friend

I am going to change my dear friends name to Jeremiaha. You might think I spelled it wrong. Let me tell you it is not a mistake. I want it that way. Why you ask? Because I can. I am the boss of my blog, so I can do what I want with no explanation.


ChaChaneen said...

ha ha You make me laugh! I lurve having control too, thats why I don't allow annonymous comments on my blog either. You got something to say, say it with your ID!

I hope it snows today!

KARNA said...

where does that word 'lurve' come from? Sherry Brodie Chavez used it today in FB regarding Michael Bulbe (or whatever that singers name is) lol
i LOVE you both! I was named karen because it was one of the 10 most popular names...nothing great. lol want to laugh? I named Jeff Jeff cuz i had NEVER dated anyone named Jeff. HAAHAHAH It was not easy to find a name that I had not dated... Kym was named and spelled that way because first she was Jennifer for 8 months ..then we saw the sound of music and that cutest little girl ... her real name was Kymberly and I said...OH i like that. Kym hated me til she was almost 30 on that spelling..people pronounced it kime...and then instead of cadle they said caddle kime caddle...HAHAAHAH