Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Pier 39 Sea Lions Gone

Where did the sea Lions go? All of a sudden they are gone. Literary tons of sea lions are missing in action.The news says the "fisherman are happy the seals are gone." Maybe that is it. The fisherman had something to do with it. Someone needs to call CSI. It is one thing when a few leave but when the heard leaves, that's kind of scary.

This is what I think. Everyone needs to get their emergency supply ready. Go get a generator like Blue Ridge Bloomer. The big one is coming Edith. I need to get more water.

What I need in this order

1. More water
2. A gun- side note: We would be out gunned by the gangs so I guess I need something a little more substantial. What that is I am not sure.
3. A generator
4. extra dog leashes

Sorry kitty and fishy your on your own.

The marine biologist say the sea lions are looking for food (they think.) I say the sea lions are leaving dodge because they sense doom. The seals would rather swim with the sharks, then stay safely on the piers and watch the tourist at Pier 39. I don't think so. I guess tonight they are 26 sea lions left. That freaks me out. I am hitting the red panic button.

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BlueRidge Boomer said...

Happy New Year!!
Now that we have a full tank of propane...i feel like we're ready for anything!!
Watched the story about the sea lions on the news.....strange!!??