Sunday, November 22, 2009

Gluttony at the Fondue Restaurant

My gig a low and I went to one of those fondue restaurants to celebrate our birthdays tonight. My gig a low's birthday is tomorrow. I now know what the bible means when it talks about being a glutton. So if gluttony = sin, I did some major sinning tonight. Really I ate until I was sick. That's how bad (good) it was.

It was a cold and beautiful day today, the sky was blue by the time we went over the Bridge. It was so clear you could see all the bridges. The bay was choppy and the water looked very chilly. The hills are all green already this year. I still think the bay area is one of the most lovely places to live. Sorry I got side track.

Anyways, this fondue restaurant was made out of bricks, it was dark with dim lighting, kind of like eating in a cave. They had a birthday card waiting for us resting on the fondue pot when we arrived at our table. All the staff had signed it in different color ink pens. That was a nice touch.

We order the 4 course meal.

The first course :

White wine, garlic, whole grain mustard nutmeg, Gruyère and Fontina in the fondue pot. We had them put extra garlic and mustard in the pot so I did not taste any nutmeg. To bad because I like nutmeg. They also brought a bread basket with 3 different kinds of bread chunks, green apples chunks, salami chunks and cauliflower.

Second corse

Salad: it had oven roasted tomatoes, Gruyère, Raclette and

Fontina cheeses, It had hard-boiled eggs and sunflower seeds, topped with a sweet and sour red wine vinaigrette.

Third Corse

1 Lobster Tail, Filet Mignon pieces,

NY Strip pieces, Smoked Bratwurst chunks, 4 marinated Shrimp, 4 chunks of Roasted Garlic Crusted Chicken, 4 Sun Dried Tomato Raviolis and a plate full of broccoli, potatoes and white button mushrooms.

They had a host of dipping sauces and batter to dip and fry our meal in.

We saved calories by having the oil in the fondue pot “Bourguigonne” style - cholesterol free, 0 trans fat.

Did we eat all our vegetables? no.

Fourth Course

Ok are you ready for this - DARK CHOCOLATE and PEANUT BUTTER fondue. Although the dark chocolate was not that dark tasting. It tasted like milk chocolate. I asked the waitress about it. She said their dark chocolate was mild. I didn't make a fuss because after all it was chocolate. It came with a happy birthday plate that had our names written in chocolate. Our little birthday plates came with tiny brownies, cheesecake and bananas. The big plate had more tiny brownies, more cheesecake, 2 little chunks of pound cake, strawberries, 2 marshmallows each, One was coated with oreo’s and the other with gram crackers. All to dip in our "dark" chocolate and peanut butter fondue.

Do you think I would let any of this go to waste? I do not like marshmallows. So I did not eat them.

I topped it off with a cup of coffee and a glass of water.

OH MAN. I had to ask God to forgive me. I really did over do it on this one. I felt sick all the way home. I tried to look at the lights twinkling on the bridges and in the City to keep my mind off my ever so bloated stomach. It did not work. I started praying, Lord please ! I don’t want to get sick that food was so good. It would be a waste to spend that money and then I get sick, right Lord?

God was gracious, and I am ok now. He did remind me of how lucky I am to live here in the USA where we can eat and drink as we please. He also reminded me to not forget about the people who cannot eat like pigs and call it a night.

All that to say I am already planning my next trip to the fondue restaurant.


ChaChaneen said...

Ooooooh I already want to go! I lurve what you chose for dinner. I'd be eating the veggies and the marshmallows too! ha ha Happy birthday to your Man!

ChaChaneen said...

Stopped by to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving if I'm not able to visit before Thursday! A bounty of blessings for you and your family.