Saturday, December 12, 2009

I am an Ass

Nicola's house was beautiful again this year. Nicola's 3 daughters were there. They were behaving themselves. . The gay daughter's partner had to work, so I said I would be her date for the night. (My gig a low hates parties) FT showed up with her husband and two very blond toddlers. When it was time for the "white elephant" gift exchange I got a box of chocolates. I mostly got the box of chocolates because of the beautiful wrapping that included a Christmas tree ornament. (Even though I don't have a Christmas Tree.)

It was FT's turn. She had her cute little snow white daughter come and get my box of chocolates. I did not care. It seemed to me FT was using snow white as a shield so no one would steal her gifts. Who would steal something from such a cute little girl and break her heart? Even though the chocolates were exactly what Mommy wanted. FT let snow white eat 3 of the candies just to make sure no one would steal the gift from her.

Therefore, it was my turn to get another gift. My friend had bought a blow up santa at the Thrift store for $10.00. So I went and got it. The lady didn't want the blow up santa so all was good.

This is where I lost my mind. I was so happy with the blow up Santa. Geeze, I would have a Christmas decoration to put up outside my house like my neighbors. Peoples where getting gifts and stealing them all around me. I did not care. I was daydreaming about blow up Santa in my yard or on my roof.

Guess what. At the end of the game, FT husband had #1 so he had the final pick. FT and her snow white daughter came and got my blow up Santa. All of a sudden I turned into a crazy woman. This came out of my mouth in an angry tone " You know FT I don't have any Christmas decorations, and now your taking this from me" I was pissed. I was thinking to myself you can go out and buy 20 blow up Santa's. . even worse I was acting just like she did last year. (except I did not have a baby to blame) Not only that I really did not want everyone to know the dismal state of my affairs at home. To late now the cat is out of the bag, I am an ass. FT gave me back the box of chocolates minus the 3 that snow white had eaten.

Nicola's husband said that he would of taken my box of chocolates if he would of known I got them back. I told him he could have them. He asked me if I wanted the PJ pants he got. Yes, it was a great trade for sure. I have them on now. I love them. My date for the night gave me her peach shower gel that she won. She said she did not like the peachy smell. So really I came out ahead.

On the way home I realized how wrong it was of me to want something that bad. I don't even have little kids at home. Never before have I acted that stupid over a gift that was bought at the thrift store. What can I do now? Nothing. Why did I act like that?

Maybe it was because I wrote the blog about FT last year. Paybacks are a mother!


ChaChaneen said...

Since we are princess daughters of the most high King, sometimes our tiara's get knocked to the side a bit when we get sassy. I'm sure you'll use this story when you tour with WOF! Lol

kayakerswife said...

I don't blame you a bit.
We all have our breaking point.I have always thought FT was a "Bad Seed" (Like the movie The Bad Seed) I recall reading on the invite no children welcomed. Of course FT thinks that does not apply to her.What have we learned from this- Spoiled children grow up to be spoiled adults.

KARNA said...

This game has always brought out the worst in least you felt bad about it later! lol most do not! love you and your honesty!