Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Kindness Clusters

It never ceases to amaze me how good God is to me. It seems like when all the chips are down, and I am about ready to throw in the towel something really good happens. It seems like they happen in clusters. I call them kindness clusters. In one week all these good things happened.

1. Sheryl took me to see Wicked and out to dinner. We had great and deep spiritual conversation . We talked about life and death. She shared her Buddhist views and I shared my Christian views. On the light side, we talked about a getting dumped by someone you think you love.

2. I got a free hair cut, shampoo and hairstyle tonight at a new day spa. Thanks MK, your a doll! It was really fun talking to you while you cut my hair. MK just got married in July. She reminded me of the time when she and her first husband were breaking up. That must of been at least 8 years ago. MK said how she was in duress one night when she stopped by. I fed her soup, crackers and jello. I had to laugh, it is not much of a meal. But for MK it was just what she needed.

3. It snowed here. Yes, I took it personally. It brought joy into my life.

4. Comments on my blog - via email, phone call or post.

5. I won a raffle prize at the union's Christmas party.

I am always surprised when God moves. I am very grateful for this kindness cluster. Thank you for making it all worth it.

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ChaChaneen said...

Yahoo, such fun! God is better than He has to be huh?! By the way, I lurve your new avatar pic of the snow!