Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Update on Dad's trip to the Dr.

I had to take my dad to the doctor yesterday. His GI infection is worse. When I got to his house, he was angry and shaking. He was sick of all this medicine and doctors who poke and prod him. He has "singles." He was mad at me because I got to his house 10 minutes early. Anyone who knows my dad, knows that is very unusual. So he took his blood sugar. 375! No wonder he is agitated.  So he stomped into the other room to give himself a shot of insulin to knock his sugar level down.

We got to Kaiser. It was 4:00, his appointment is 4:30. I drove into the parking garage. I have mentioned in past post how much I hate that parking structure. 1 floor no parking, 2 floor no parking, 3 floor no parking, I see my dad looking at his watch. 4 floor no parking. I was thinking, I have no problem climbing 4 flights of stairs, but 5 is a little more challenging, Ugh. My dad looks at his watch again. Roof top no parking. I tell my dad to get out, take the elevator down and head toward his GI doctors office. I can see he is stressed.  In the mean time a line of cars are behind, people are flying around my car as I am trying to convince my dad to get out. He jumps out of the car. I pray that a car does not hit him and he is ok enough to get to the GI section of the hospital. I go to the 5 floor, no parking, 4 floor no parking, 3 floor no parking, 2 floor, I find a place to park! Hallelujah! 

I jump out of my car and meet up with my dad before he gets to the GI registration. We are still 20 minutes early. In the waiting area, there are two men with toupees. I kept staring at them because I wonder what would drive any man to ware a toupee. I guess they don't realize that a toupee is worse then a bald head.

We get called in. We had not seen this doctor for a year. He was the doctor that told us about the cancer and referred my dad to the surgeon. He said my dad's infection was really bad. He said it had been brewing for about 3 months. He said my dad should NOT eat anything fatty, or any dairy product.  He told my dad to lay off any thing that was sugar free, because imitation sugar irritates the GI tract. He said jack up the carbs and protein. He said to drink soy milk. The doctor said to follow this diet for 2 weeks.  Antibiotics caused the infection, now he needed to be on heavy duty Antibiotics to kill it. The doctor said we could pick up the prescription at the pharmacy down the hall. Ok good. It is now 5:30 and I am worried my dad's blood sugar is dropping, his blood sugar bottoms out fast. So we go to the pharmacy down the hall.

My dads name is already on the board when we arrive. We wait in line. The pharmacy tech tells us that we have to go down stairs to the main pharmacy. Crap. Down stairs we go, my dads name is on the board again. We wait in line. (Anyone who goes to Kaiser must realized this IS socialized medicine.) The pharmacy tech tells us that they have to compound this medication, it can take up to 3 days. Oh no you don't. Now it was 6:00 and my dad still has not eaten. I was putting on armor and gearing up for battle. I tell the tech the doctor said he should start taking it tonight. The tech rolls her eyes and says doctors don't know a thing about medicine and how long it takes to make. I am staring her down. I am getting ready to lean over the counter and have a little chat with her when she says " I will check and see if they can do this tonight. Good plan, I said while remaining calm on the exterior. She comes back and tells us it will be about 45 minutes.

I quickly rush dad down to the "wellness cafe."  In the steamed plates they had chicken and mashed potatoes. Perfect I think. I tell my dad, oh look chicken and mashed potatoes, (carbs and protein) he says I don't want chicken and mashed potatoes, I want a cheese burger with French fries and a diet soda. (fat, dairy and sugar free.) My dad tells me he is going to eat what "he dam well pleases." Ok dad, its your body and your life, your still in control of it, so have at it. What am I going to do? He scarfs the hamburger down in no time at all.

Anyways we went back to the pharmacy and got in line because his name was on the board. The tech noticed us and called my dad to the front of the line. I am sure that made about 10 people very unhappy. It made me very happy.

It was a long day.

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KARNA said...

You are such an incredible daughter! The Kaiser system can max out the stressors for sure and especially when you are trying to care for your dad and then work the system. I remember just how awful that was...pee in this cup; i dont have to pee ...they want a sample..i dont have one to give....can i take this cup homeand bring it back when he can you cannot....people staring at him when he struggled to walk...his main doctor was wonderful so was the nurse, but i hated having to go here and there and everywhere...wheelchairs helped a lot~!!!! I'm sorry your dad wont eat right but I can surely understand that feeling. Praying for both of you today and always.k