Saturday, April 10, 2010

Update 4/10 bike

As you already know, I love my new bike. So I look at it and study it, and go to the "Marin" website and look at my bike and study it on the website. I look at all the specks. I started to notice that my bike and the bike on the website had a difference. My bike had a different seat then the one on the website.

In the bike world, seats are called saddles. I looked at the saddle on my bike and went back to the website. I compared the two. I was right. They were completely different. How strange. The seat on the website was called "Marin Women’s Comfort", the one on my bike was called "WTB sports saddle". Not only that the Marin saddle had shock absorbers under the seat and the WTB did not. I smell a rat.

So I called the sports store and talked to the manager. I told Patrick the manager that I had the wrong saddle on my bike. He said maybe I had last years model. AH - no. I told him I was looking on the Marin website and could see the saddle I was SUPPOSE to have. Patrick put me on hold. He came back and told me to bring my bike in so they could exchange the saddles.

What kind of game are they playing here. Jeremiaha says it was an accident. Marin only uses their own brand of seat. How could a WTB seat accidentally get on my bike? A cheaper, less comfortable model that does not have shock absorbers? Sorry, Jeremiah I disagree, it was no accident. The sports store was hoping the consumer would not notice. I just happened to be the consumer this time and I did notice. ( I have two more consumer stories to write about some other day- side note to myself : T mobile, Glasses)

So I picked up my dad and we went out to the sports store. The new Marin saddle with shock absorbers was waiting for me. The young kid who sold me the bike in the first place exchanged the saddles. They did not question me, I did not question them.

So now I have a new saddle and I am ready to roll, but it's raining outside.

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If I have any problems with anything I am going to come to you first. Ok?