Sunday, April 18, 2010

17 years

The first thing I did this morning was take a 6 mile bike ride with Imena. We had so much fun. I love being outside. We even saw a deer. The new saddle on my bike was very comfortable. I am getting better with shifting gears. Note to self: write about Imena's life sometime.

This afternoon my gig a low and I went to the sports store. He bought a climbing harness and bought a little gizmo for my bike that holds your keys and cell phone.

Tonight we went to Brookside for dinner. We went to Prime Steak House. we got valet parking, The food was great, the staff was great,  and than there was Huey.

But first let me tell you what I had on. I had a black Alfani cardigan with tan trim.  It has a sleeveless sweater that goes on underneath.  I bought it about 10 years ago. I remember paying about $150.00 for the set. The sells lady said it was a timeless classic and I would not be sorry. She said it would never go out of style. She was right on both accounts. I had my gold 100 wishes necklace on, black slacks and black wedge heals. I must say I clean up well. ( hehe)

Side note: I am still amazed by my friends like Cha-Cha and Brodi who can put on lipstick without looking in a mirror. They put in on by feel. How do they do that? I still get lipstick all over my face every time I try to put it on. Even using a mirror.

Anyways, we get in the restaurant and this man pushes past us saying things like "Son of A *** and SH**" ok, wow. He had a ten gallon straw cowboy hat on and cowboy boots. Now in Brookside most of the men are Metro, so this was unusual.

The restaurant was built in layers just like a cake. First layer is the bar, second layer- booth seating, third layer is tables. We sat in a booth. Primes Steak House was dimly lit. On one side of our booth they had a banister and glass that separated us from the bar, so if we looked up we could see the people in the bar or if they looked down they could see us.

Our waiter was named Brian. Brian had dark circles under his eyes. He asked us if we wanted black napkins instead of white so they would match our clothes. I said yes, of coarse. I would never be caught with a white napkin when I have black pants on. (t-hehe)

Me and my gig a low ordered the same thing.  8 oz  fielt mignon wrapped in apple smoked bacon,  with  Gruy√®re sauce, protoabella mushroom raviolis, garlic mash potatoes and green beans. Just kidding,  you know me and my gig a low would never eat green beans. So Brian said we could have asparagus instead if we wanted. Yes, indeed we do want asparagus. I had a fancy Italian sparkling water. I was really living it up.

While we waited for our food, me and my gig a low reminisced about the 17 years of joy and pain of life. We both decided that sanity was boring. So maybe being a little crazy is't all that bad. In the mist of our conversation, I see the same man who pushed past us in a ten gallon cowboy hat. He leaned over the glass over into our booth. He was waving is arms like a baseball referee sign for safe. He introduced himself as "Huey"

Huey went on to tell us that he is a cattle rancher in Hawaii. He has 15,000 head of cattle. He explained to me and my gig a low the diffrance between Kobi beef in American and Japan. Huey was telling us that he was a professional "roper" and an all around cowboy. His skin was dryed up like leather. He had a big gold ring on and one of those cowboy style shirt and a bolo tie on. it was apperent Huey had a few to many already. Brian stopped by to see if everything was ok, I think mostly because he was worried that Huey was going to fall into our table. Huey gave us his business card, shook our hands, told Brian to take good care of "his people" (meaning me and my gig a low) and staggered off.

My gig a low says to me, how do you do it? You attract the most unusual people. Yes dear, I have a gift from God. I made no further comments.

Our dinner came.. the beef was tender like butter, it melted in your mouth. I bet I could of cut it with a spoon. The apple bacon added just enough sweet and salty. The sauce was light so you could still taste the meat.  The asparagus was fresh and grilled. The tips were kind of crispy. (I told my gig a low that we are going to have to get GG-GP to grill us dinner this summer. ) Very good!  The portabella mushroom raviolis were fantastic. The garlic mashed potatoes had roasted garlic folded in to them. I can bet those were the best garlic mash potatoes I had ever had. Brian came back to our table and said that they have a special volcano cake that takes 20 minutes to cook. I told Brian it was our 17th wedding anniversary and I wanted a volcano cake with a candle in it. Brian said " I am all over it"...Hummm -ok.

Brian came out with our volcano cake and a lit candle. The cake was accompanied with  two tiny scoops of homemake ice cream in a fancy cookie holder and big bowl of homemade whipped cream. You know I ordered coffee. I love volcano cake because of the ganache inside. I took a bite and it was like liquid chocolate heaven. The homemade ice cream was creamy and fluffy. It had that special texture homemade ice cream has.  This was so good I really didn't care about the whipped cream. I had to take a few bites just to make sure.

Brian came out with our bill and a gold box of truffles! Wow.

I really had a wonderful day. 


KARNA said...

oh what a wonderful day andnight you had!!!! I was hoping that huey paid for your mealsince he had so many cattle LOL...i'm happy for your 17 years of life together....
i'm torqued about not seeing you today but we shall gettogether soon...pray my swellinggoes down, please THANKS :) K

ChaChaneen said...

Happy Anniversary! Happy Anniversary! Happy Anniversary! I just KNOW you look GORGEOUS dahling!

Holy Smoking Rockets, I wish I was there at the restaurant. I lurve how you described your wonderful dinner, I could picture myself there... with Huey. hee hee

Thanks for the lipstick mention, I'm so honored!