Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Praise Report PG13

For the last year the doctors have been concerned about a spot deep inside my breast. You know my imagination, I could just see me and my dad getting chemo on the same day. I haven't said anything to anyone about it. (except God of course) Yesterday I went for my 6 month mammogram and the spot is "almost completely gone" I don't have to go back for 1 year now!

He also said I have "perfect breast" for a mammogram. He says they can see very clearly everything that is going on. There is no place to hide.

My teacher thinks I have a "beautiful cleavage," and my doctor thinks my breast are "perfect,"

Anyways praise God that the spot is going away.

If it did not would I still be praising God? I am not sure. Would I still be praying? Yes.


BlueRidge Boomer said...

I went thru two years of checks and double checks for the same thing....then they disappeared...power of Prayer!!.....Yes

ChaChaneen said...

That is great news my beautiful friend, great news indeed!