Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Biker MaMa

Here is my new bike, although I have midnight blue. I am now a biker MaMa. My sweet friend bought a bike also. I am so happy that we are going to be going out into the fresh air and do a little exercise!

I have two friends that are tri - athletes. Sheryl and Piedmont. They both said I MUST have a helmet. So I enthusiastically went down to the sports store to try on helmets. I was mortified. I looked like I had a gigantic mushroom growing out of top of my head. What ever hope I had to getting my swagger back, went riding right out the door. I started whining. This is the most UNcool thing I have ever had on (not that a fat old lady on a bike looks cool)

I had a mini meltdown at the sports store. I told the guy helping me find the right helmet I really did Not want to have a mushroom head. He calmly said everyone with a bike helmet on looks like a mushroom head. So I thought about it. I see bicyclist all the time going by with a helmet and I never think anything about it. So I guess the salesman was right. He also said I should get a light color because cars can see it better and it helps with the heat. He warned me to be prepared for helmet hair. So I got a white mushroom to sit on the top of my head, that will make my hair stick to my skull. Yes indeed, very cool.

So Sheryl email me and says lets go on this great bike ride by the beach to a water fall. Its only 3 miles bike ride and a half a mile hike. Maybe she thought I could not do the math. So I emailed her back and said that is a 6 mile ride and 1 mile hike. Sheryl says on a bike it seems like a much shorter distance. I had to remind her that I have not been on a bike since I was 12 years old. So we are going out for a getting to know your bike ride tomorrow. I am really looking forward to it!

The way me and my sweet friend look at our bikes is if we don't have work, we will have something cheep to do. Today I made my sweet friend go buy a mushroom so we could be mushroom heads together.

Please pray for me and my sweet friend= that we don't fall off the bike and break something.

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kayakerswife said...

Your are sooo funny!