Sunday, April 25, 2010

I Thought I was a Cat

So it's a beautiful day today, according to my outside thermometer it is 85 (in the sun) The Raider family decided to visit my dad. I thought it would be fun to ride my bike to my dad's, because it's only 2. 5 miles from here. The only problem is to get to my dad's house I have to cross some very busy roads, more like freeways. I tried to take back roads as much as possible.

On my way to my dad's house I was on a back road with no sidewalks. An elderly couple in a car flashed their lights and turned on their signal to communicate they were going to turn the corner I was approaching quickly.  In a split second I thought I should let them go first so I tried to stop. Some how I landed off my bike but I landed on my feet. HA- just like a cat always landing on my feet. I was proud of myself,  So when I got to my dad's house I bragged about being cat like. Maybe I shouldn't of done that or maybe I should of took the first incident as a sign - not a good day to ride your bike.

It was good to see Raider family. Raider baby is 7 months old now and starting to crawl.  She is going to be  cover baby on some children's clothes magazine. Raider baby was dressed in pink today not black and gray.  I said maybe Raider baby was going to be a 49er fan? Raider Mom said not a chance.

I decided it was time to go home, I was not looking forward to crossing the major intersections or going down the busy streets.

I took the back roads with no sidewalks and I was moving along at a good pace. One more intersection and I would be semi - safe for the rest of the way home. I had the intersection in my line of vision when I noticed a sidewalk. I thought oh, ok, I will be safer on the sidewalk. Something happened, I am not sure what, the next thing I knew I was flying over my handle bars, the problem is my big boobs got caught on the gear shift or break or something,  OUCHHHHHH, everything happened in a blink of an eye.  The next thing I knew I was in the middle of an Oleander bush. Thank God for the Oleander bush. It broke my fall. This is a busy street even though it is not a main drag. Cars were zipping by me as I was trying to climb out of the bush as if nothing happed. I had to spit Oleander leafs out of my mouth, and still act cool and composed. That must be why Sheryl told me I had to learn how to spit.

I made it home. Scratched and bruised but not defeated. I will get back on by bike tomorrow if I can get out of bed. So I guess I am not a cat after all.

P.S. The neighborhood hero's wife says I need to invent "breast guards." 

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ChaChaneen said...

Oh honey, that has to hurt! But I lurve the way you told your story, I could completely picture the entire flip over the handle bars! Sweet!