Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My First Bike Ride

Here is what I am asking myself right now. Why did I go on my first bike ride with a tri athlete? I met up with Sheryl around 11:00 this morning at The Park. She informed me that I was an athlete now, so it was ok to spit and burp out loud. Sheryl was telling me this with her mushroom helmet, dangley pearl earrings and lipstick. She spits to show me how. I tell her I would spit on myself if I did that. She gave me a quick run down on how to use my gears and breaks. Then we where on our way, right up an incline.

Every now and then she would stop to give me instructions. Like when your peddling on flat ground make your legs go big around like a watermelon, and when you come to a hill change gears and peddle really fast. Lift your butt up when you come to a bump or it needs a rest off the dinky "comfort" seat. She showed me hand signals like turn right, left and bump or stuff in the road.

It was such a beautiful day. It was so much fun going along the trail. The canal was on one side and houses on the other. I loved riding along, looking in peoples back yards, glancing into the canal to see if I could see a fish, the trees and flowers where blooming. The sun was shining.

The trail was busy as if it is its own super highway without cars. There were bikers, skateboarders, joggers, walkers. Even some roller skaters. The trail had all kinds of people, Moms with kids, people with dogs, old people with groceries, men in dockers, many family's out enjoying the day. 99 % of people on bicycles had mushroom heads.

I kept changing my gears to "get to know them" I was shifting up and down, I would start to peddle so fast and go no where, then I would change the gears again and felt like I was climbing Mt. Everest . I asked Sheryl to go in front of me to be my pace person, I could model her speed. I have to say she has some awesome looking calfs.

At one point she pulls over to tell me to get prepared for a "little hill" I look down the path and see a mountain of pavement. While she is telling me this I am trying to catch my breath. We drink some water and I watch Sheryl climb the "little hill" without effort. Sheryl said I could get off my bike and walk the hill if I needed to.

Ok, off I went, I shifted gears, and started making the ascent. Holy no oxogen left batman, what have I got myself into. Just about that time a group of 15 cyclist came roaring down the "little hill" I was climbing. It was almost to much for my brain to handle considering it was getting no blood or air. My eyes became blurry. I had to fight. I could do it. I was not going to get off my bike and walk up the "little hill." I started going slower and slower and my feet where going faster and faster. I made it!!! As it turns out the top of the "little hill" is a over pass of a 6 lane road. I stopped and watched the cars zip by under my feet. Caught my breath mostly, Sheryl and I had a drink of water. She said she was proud of me for making it up the "little hill".
I had forgotten that when you go up, you must come down. I have to say, I loved going down hill, even though it was scary. I didn't have to peddle.

Just about that time I thought, we are going to have to go back some at point and I was going to have to climb the "little hill" again. We made it to the town of snobby Brookside. I could see the upscale stores. I could not believe I had gone that far. We decided it was time to head back. I made it back up the "little hill" and screamed down the opposite side. I had the wind in my face, now that was just good!

Sheryl stops me again and says only one more hill and we will be back at our cars. My heart sank. Ok, I did not think I had anything left in me. But I forced myself to do it. When I got to the top of the hill Sheryl was waiting for me. I got off my bike, barely breathing. My first thought that I was going into cardiac arrest, my next thought was I am going to pass out. Breath in, breath out. Breath in, breath out. Sheryl was talking about going to lunch, I was just trying to regain composure and not fall flat on my face. I kept thinking as Sheryl was talking about eating at this place or that, I need to sit down.

We went out to lunch, I was still feeling a little shaky. I hoped the food would bring my blood sugar up to feel "normal" again. I came home a took a nap.

I am looking forward to bike riding again.

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