Monday, April 5, 2010

My Dream

Last night I had a dream that I was living in an insane asylum. The funny part about the dream is that it was a suitable place. The asylum was comfortably decorated with my favorite colors, aqua blue, dark cherry, forest green. My room had a sliding glass door leading to the park like setting outside, with green grass and redwood trees. I was content. I did not mind living in the nut house. It is almost as if the dream was saying I am ok with my crazy life.

My X boyfriend showed up at the hospital. In my dreams he represents loss or fear. Maybe in this case both. I am not sure.

I was also looking for something, I don't remember what. It was more like searching. NO, I was not looking for my keys or cell phone. I was looking for something that was really important.

Dream analysis: Ok I get the crazy part. You might be saying, maybe it was the pizza right before bed. It was not, because I did not have pizza last night. I am really not sure what it was all about. In some ways I think this has something to do with my dad's cancer. He has not been feeling well. I am not sure.

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